Making WebRTC available for FreeBSD

Joe Nosay superbisquit at
Wed Feb 5 21:14:04 UTC 2014

The process has been started :

Dependencies needed- referenced in "howto" and webrtc dependencies:
libbrlapi from brltty.

Benefits: Native client and sever side of WebRTC applications for FreeBSD
and possibly other BSDs.
Eliminated dependency for Linuixlator based applications thus cutting down
on hardware resource use.
Eliminated need for other simulated and emulated programs to run Skype or
other voice-and-video binaries. I.e. Wine, VirtualBox, qemu, et cetera, et

Since it is known that Sony's PS4 uses FreeBSD as the basis for its OS,
WebRTC could be implemented as a native application on the platform/console
thus allowing users to communicater in real time while gaming.

Why am I proposing this?
1. Adrian Chadd asked on Google+ and nowhere else. I decided to bring his
proposal to the public and attempt an initial starting phase.
2. Users would not be limited to having only a few selected operating
systems at their disposal. Developers could easily communicate with each
3. Real time sharing/viewing of conventions. This would give the community
another window into the development of FreeBSD.
4. Companies such as IxSystems and Sony would be able to contact develoers
while simultaneously working on a FreeBSD/FreeBSD_based system.
5. FreeBSD developers would be able to give feedback on the development of
WebRTC sources.

Being that I am limited on resources, is it possible that others could take
over what was started?

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