graphics/rawtherapee: r342622 crashes on HEAD

Dimitry Andric dim at
Wed Feb 5 20:09:04 UTC 2014

On 05 Feb 2014, at 20:46, Rainer Hurling <rhurlin at> wrote:
> Many thanks for the update of graphics/rawtherapee, r342622. This
> program is really important for photographers.
> It builds and installs just fine on recent HEAD amd64, but unfortunately
> it crashes immediately, when started.
> I tried to build rawtherapee and some of its dependencies with
> WITH_DEBUG=yes and then to have a look with gdb, but with only little
> luck. Obviously there is a problem with DWARF(?) and many libs without
> debug symbols?

It looks like you have built the port with gcc 4.8, which defaults to
DWARF4 format.  Our gdb in base is too old to understand this format, so
just install devel/gdb76 instead.

> # gdb rawtherapee
> #3  0x00000000423aa8f8 in Glib::ConvertError::throw_func () from
> /usr/local/lib/
> No symbol table info available.
> #4  0x00000000423baa0f in Glib::Error::throw_exception () from
> /usr/local/lib/
> No symbol table info available.
> #5  0x00000000423c60b4 in Glib::operator<< () from
> /usr/local/lib/

Looks like that operator encountered something it cannot handle, so it
throws an exception, and nobody seems to catch it.  But more information
from a backtrace in gdb 7.6 could possibly help.

> #17 0x00000000484c0ee0 in std::__1::locale::id::__next_id () from
> /usr/local/lib/

Hmm, is this a ports version of libc++?  I was not aware Baptiste had
already committed this? :) 


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