Solved - was: Problems with linking on FreeBSD-10

Peter Jeremy peter at
Wed Feb 5 05:48:39 UTC 2014

On 2014-Feb-04 21:38:42 +0000, "Montgomery-Smith, Stephen" <stephen at> wrote:
>/usr/home/stephen/sage/work/sage-6.0/local/lib contained
>  But for ld to work, it also had to contain a link
>(Is this sort of behavior documented anywhere?)

I think it's sort-of communal mind knowlegde rather than being specifically
written down:  If the loader sees '-lfoo', it looks for or libfoo.a
in locations specified by -L.  If it finds then it will read at
internal name out of it (eg and store that in the executable.
The rtld will then look for using -rpath locations.

ISTR having to manually craft some -> during my
sage porting efforts.  The sage build process knows far too much about
toolchain innards.

Peter Jeremy
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