Can someone have a look at PR 185060 (audio/sonata) ?

Gyrd Thane Lange gyrd-nani at
Tue Feb 4 11:48:57 UTC 2014

On 04. feb. 2014 09:47, Matthieu Volat wrote:> Hi everybody,
 > I know everybody is overloaded, but if somebody could have a look at
 > It would be nice, audio/sonata is pretty useless on freebsd now, and 
 > have been for more than a month…

I second this. It is required when controlling recent versions of 
musicpd, and I have been using the patch with great results for weeks 

 > And it's getting irritating in these periods of rebuild to ever have 
 > to manually patch things… :(

I'm using svn to keep the ports tree up-to-date. That way I only had to 
apply the patch once to audio/sonata/files/*, and it is not clobbered on 
updates. :-)

Gyrd ^_^

 > -- Matthieu Volat

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