FreeBSD: PRs that should be closed/canceled

Hardy Schumacher hardy.schumacher at
Sun Feb 2 11:21:38 UTC 2014

   Can somebody please check the following PRs?
   ports/184779: [PATCH] emulators/kcemu (fix build issues)
   It needs to be released, because of port emulators/kcemu is not
   building on FreeBSD-9.x and 10.x.
   This PR is fixing the issues.
   ports/178728: [UPDATE] devel/apache-ant to v1.9.0
   This one can be closed now.
   It's superseded by ports/185588: [UPDATE] devel/apache-ant to v1.9.3
   (which has been released already).
   ports/185137: [UPDATE] games/el-data, fix broken
   This one can be closed now.
   A patch was released for port games/el-data, that fixes the issues.
   Thanks in advance,

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