libiconv on 10.0-RELEASE

Guido Falsi madpilot at
Sat Feb 1 07:54:39 UTC 2014

On 02/01/14 08:50, nano wrote:
> I try to use packages where I can, but often programs require
> non-default build options so I have to build from ports. I'm often
> warned to not mix ports with packages; what is your take on this?

It can work but better avoid it. It's not as bad as crossing the streams 
but could cause problems.

Difficult to foresee what kind of problems and why because it depends on 
too many factors.

I know users who have always been mixing a few hand build ports with a 
mostly package system without problems. It can be done if one knows what 
he's doing. But it's not the officially supported way of doing things.

Guido Falsi <madpilot at>

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