Samba to web

Anton Afanasyev aasoft at
Sat Feb 1 03:58:42 UTC 2014

> I was thinking more about some kind of web interface and I came up with
> some search results:
> _ smb2www was in the port tree, but removed a couple of years ago; maybe I
> could try to download and hack it;
> _ there's SMB Web Client (
> _ Davenport (which brings WebDav in),
> _ Others?
> Before I start digging them all, has anyone faced this task before?
> Any hint?
> Why not simply set up a web server with the same auth settings as in
Samba? Granted, this isn't exactly what you wanted, and you may end up
having to maintain two sets of settings, but that could be a smaller
investment than setting up something like one of the above.
That said, if you do end up using one of the solutions you mentioned (or
similar), it would be great if you could provide some details (perf, your
number of users, typical load, etc).


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