Finding abandoned ports

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Thu Oct 31 13:05:54 UTC 2013

On 10/30/2013 09:02 AM, Alex Laurie wrote:
> Hello all,
> Only really just getting into FreeBSD but I am inspired to help out. I'm
> not a developer or anything. However I do like to install and update
> things. I though one area I may be able to help out is in the ports side of
> things. I have been through the Porters handbook and thought I would try
> updating some out of date ports to cut my teeth so to speak. Looking around
> I don't seem to see anywhere with abandoned ports that need some love.

If you are running FreeBSD version 10 or higher, I have a couple of
ports that don't build: cad/gmsh-occ and math/GiNaC.  I am still running
FreeBSD 8 where these build problems don't occur.  If you could fix
these for me, I would be very grateful, because the rest of my life
(work and family) is really occupying a lot of my time right now.

But only if you would enjoy doing this - I will probably get to it
eventually, but just not yet.

Thanks, Stephen

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