poudriere stops building any port

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at rinet.ru
Mon Oct 28 13:58:35 UTC 2013

Dear colleagues,

my home poudriere (over ZFS) setup eventually/suddenly stops building ports 
without logging any type of error (or at least I could not find this)


root at hamster:/usr/local/poudriere# rm 
root at hamster:/usr/local/poudriere#  poudriere bulk -z server-pkgng -j 9amd64 -v 
-v devel/cmake
====>> Creating the reference jail... done
====>> Mounting system devices for 9amd64-default-server-pkgng
====>> Mounting ports/packages/distfiles
====>> Mounting ccache from: /var/ccache
====>> Mounting packages from: 
====>> Mounting /var/db/ports from: /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/server-options
====>> Logs: 
====>> Appending to make.conf: /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/make.conf
====>> Appending to make.conf: 
/etc/resolv.conf -> 
====>> Starting jail 9amd64-default-server-pkgng
====>> Calculating ports order and dependencies
====>> Computing deps for devel/cmake
====>> DEBUG: devel/cmake depends on ports-mgmt/pkg
====>> Computing deps for ports-mgmt/pkg
====>> DEBUG: devel/cmake depends on devel/ccache
====>> Computing deps for devel/ccache
====>> DEBUG: devel/ccache depends on ports-mgmt/pkg
====>> DEBUG: devel/cmake depends on devel/cmake-modules
====>> Computing deps for devel/cmake-modules
====>> DEBUG: devel/cmake-modules depends on ports-mgmt/pkg
====>> Sanity checking the repository
====>> Checking for stale cache files
====>> Checking packages for incremental rebuild needed
====>> Checking packages for missing dependencies
====>> Deleting stale symlinks
====>> Deleting empty directories
====>> Cleaning the build queue
====>> Cleaning up
====>> Umounting file systems
root at hamster:/usr/local/poudriere# 

Any hints? Thanks in advance!

D.Marck                                     [DM5020, MCK-RIPE, DM3-RIPN]
[ FreeBSD committer:                                 marck at FreeBSD.org ]
*** Dmitry Morozovsky --- D.Marck --- Wild Woozle --- marck at rinet.ru ***

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