State of the Porters' Handbook

John Marino at
Mon Oct 28 09:35:02 UTC 2013

On 10/28/2013 10:29, Dominic Fandrey wrote:
> On 28/10/2013 09:58, John Marino wrote:
>> On 10/28/2013 09:53, Dominic Fandrey wrote:
>> However, converting to stagedir is reasonably documented here:
> That's a handfull. What about installers that hard-code directories
> during install?

They can hardcode into the stage directory.  Anywhere else is wrong and
has to be fixed.

>> You don't have a choice with supporting stage -- new ports without stage
>> aren't accepted.  So that's why you have to bother.  :)
> That doesn't sound acceptable, considering the feature isn't even
> mentioned in the Porters' Handbook.

Bapt has made several calls for help to document this in the Porters
Handbook.  He's said it's on his plate but he's behind and has asked for
the help.  Maybe you could help him out?


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