PKGNG: ability to view pkg-plist?

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Sat Oct 26 21:21:58 UTC 2013

On 26/10/2013 00:40, Ken Moore wrote:
> Is a general way to list the files in a package that important for
> others, or is my case very specialized? I can think of a few situations
> where it might be a nice option to search for package(s) on the repo
> that contains a particular binary name, but I might be in a very small
> group of people that would actually use it.

We had the constraint of not blowing up the size of the repository
catalogue, even for a repo containing all the packages you could
generate from the ports tree.  The lists of files and directories in the
pkg were a large blob of stuff that we couldn't see a presssing need
for, so they got dropped.

The filesite.txz stuff is all about automatically detecting package
conflicts -- not sure exactly what the plans are around doing that at
some point in the future.

However, if you've got a good use case for having this metadata
available then we can certainly revisit all this.  Mind you, if you have
a repository you control, it wouldn't be that difficult to script up
something that would extract the +METADATA from each of the pkg files in
the repo as  a postprocessing thing during repo updates, and make it
available for your app to pull down off the web.

If anyone wants a nice web-based project, it would be pretty cool to be
able to point a browser at the repository root and be able to explore
package content / metadata all nicely formatted to be human readable.



Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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