NO_STAGE: Bump PORTREVISION ? Pr class 'change' or 'update' ?

Marco Steinbach coco at
Thu Oct 24 08:05:50 UTC 2013


the 'FAQ on PORTREVISION' discussion found at [1] seems to suggest, that
enabling staging does not require a PORTREVISION bump.

On the other hand, enabling staging seems to be a change in packaging,
although from a users perspective the packaged files don't change.  And
a change in packaging is said to require a bump in PORTREVISION,
according to the referenced thread.

When enabling staging, is a maintainer supposed to bump PORTREVISION ?

Is this then of class '[maintainer-]update' or just 'change' ?

I think putting a hint to that respect on the StageDir Wiki page might
help streamline maintainer prs.

MfG CoCo

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