amavis[12345]: (12345-02) (!)file utility failed: exit 1

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+freebsd at
Wed Oct 23 18:03:43 UTC 2013


> | (50329-01) run_command: [3984] /usr/local/bin/file p001 </dev/null 2>&1
> | (50329-01) result line from file(1): p001:
> |   ERROR: line 163: regex error 17, (illegal byte sequence)\n
> | (50329-01) (!)file utility failed: exit 1

The text "ERROR: line 163: regex error 17, (illegal byte sequence)"
comes from the file utility, unmodified.

> 1) Is the file utility to blame?


> 2) My setup?

Possibly (e.g. broken magic database).

Looks like a known bug in the file utility, already fixed upstream:
    (search for: illegal byte sequence)

Should be reproducible by running the file(1) from a command line
(in the same/similar environment as amavisd is running, just in case).


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