Should /usr/bin/perl be a link to /usr/local/bin/perl ?

andrew clarke mail at
Mon Oct 21 16:53:49 UTC 2013

On Mon 2013-10-21 09:47:29 UTC-0700, Yuri (yuri at wrote:

> I found that many ports specify /usr/bin/perl as an interpreter. This 
> comes from Linux. Examples: valgrind-snapshot, windowmaker, enscript-a4, 
> a2ps, svgalib
> /usr/bin/perl isn't installed by perl port.
> There are several solutions, in the order of increasing complexity of 
> solution:
> 1. Install the link /usr/bin/perl (hackish, but it will fix many broken 
> ports in one shot)
> 2. Make a package scripts check for interpreter and break the install of 
> offending packages
> 3. Fix all offending packages
> Which solution should be preferred in your opinion?

Are you aware the Perl interpreter ports already have a make option to
create symlinks in /usr/bin?

$ pwd

$ make showconfig | grep USE_PERL
     USE_PERL=on: Rewrite links in /usr/bin

$ ls -l /usr/bin/perl
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  25 10 Oct 14:04 /usr/bin/perl -> /usr/local/bin/perl5.14.4


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