Jason C. Wells jcw at
Mon Oct 21 02:00:03 UTC 2013

Today I tripped over another package that had broken dependencies even 
thought It was supposedly a package that was from 9.2-RELEASE release 
process. It was celestia, installed from 9.2-release packages, which 
depended on I tried to roll my own. The build was broken 

My question still stands. Is FreeBSD now building packages prior to the 
actual tagging of the ports tree as RELEASE_9_2_0? It seems like this is 
the case since the dates of the packages in the FTP archive pre-date the 
release date.

For many many releases now I have run only unmodified -release with the 
equivalent ports. And it was good. Now I'm having issues with the 
quality of the ports. I am concerned that it is due to a failure in the 
release process. I might be wrong.

If I'm not, then my request is to not put the cart before the horse and 
ship ports labelled in the FTP archive as -release when they are really 
just a snapshot of a point in time close the release date. That's very 
unFreeBSD like.


freeze it
build it
fix it
build it
no errors? no changes?
tag it
ship it

It seems like we skipped freeze it, fix it, and check for errors. We 
just built it and shipped it, then later we tagged it for release. Or 
maybe we never did the above and I personally just got lucky for 4 major 
versions. I do seem to recall things like "ports freeze" on the RE schedule.

Jason C. Wells

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