Compiling sguil-server on Release 9.2 i386

Paul Schmehl pschmehl_lists at
Sun Oct 20 01:49:21 UTC 2013

--On October 19, 2013 4:37:58 PM +0200 John Marino 
< at> wrote:

> On 10/19/2013 16:32, s_gammons at wrote:
>> Looks like that fixed it.  It's building now.
>> Should the tab be removed before @${ECHO_CMD} $$(${MYSQLTCL_CMDS})  ?
> No, I think that line is broken too, in at least two different ways.
> The MYSQL option is busted.  It doesn't appear to me that it was ever
> tested; I can't see how it ever worked.
> You should create a PR on sguil-server and document all this there and
> request the maintainer fix it properly.  Personally I don't think any
> shell commands are needed at all, certainly not to specify a
> RUN_DEPENDS.  it's all messed up.

I'm the maintainer, and I can assure you I tested it thoroughly.  The port 
has built without error on many machines before this came up.  I've 
personally built and tested it numerous times.

Nevertheless, I will take a look at what you've discussed and attempt to 
determine what the problem is.  It appears that something may have changed 
in 9.2 that is causing the problem.  Unfortunately I don't have a 9.2 
install, so I'll have to set one up before I can test it.

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