some issues with poudriere and recent ports tree

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Thu Oct 17 11:01:26 UTC 2013

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Hi all,
I'm running stable/8 (svn r256119) and poudriere-3.0.9_1.
The jail (amd64) used by poudriere is stable/8 dated 07/22/2013.

After updating my local ports tree (svn r330413), I did a new
poudriere bulk run and got following results:

failed: editors/lazarus-lcl-units lazarus-lcl-units-1.0.12_1 build
   skipped: editors/lazarus lazarus-1.0.12_1
   skipped: editors/lazarus-lcl-gtk2 lazarus-lcl-gtk2-1.0.12_1
   skipped: editors/lazarus-lcl-nogui lazarus-lcl-nogui-1.0.12_1

failed: print/pdflib pdflib-7.0.5_2 configure
   skipped: benchmarks/fio fio-2.1.1 pdflib-7.0.5_2
   skipped: math/gnuplot gnuplot-4.6.3_1 pdflib-7.0.5_2
   skipped: print/pecl-pdflib pecl-pdflib-2.1.10
   skipped: databases/phpmyadmin phpMyAdmin-4.0.8

failed: www/libxul libxul-24.0 build
   skipped: java/icedtea-web icedtea-web-1.4.1

failed: mail/squirrelmail squirrelmail-1.4.22_3 stage
   skipped: mail/squirrelmail-avelsieve-plugin

failed: lang/mono mono-3.2.1 build
   skipped: audio/amarok-kde4 amarok-2.7.0_2
   skipped: x11-toolkits/gtk-sharp20 gtk-sharp-2.12.10_1
   skipped: audio/libgpod libgpod-0.8.2_2

failed: x11-themes/kde4-wallpapers-freebsd kde4-wallpapers-freebsd-1.0
   skipped: x11/kde4 kde-4.10.5
   skipped: x11/kde4-workspace kde-workspace-4.10.5
   skipped: x11-themes/kdeartwork4 kdeartwork-4.10.5
   skipped: net/kdenetwork4 kdenetwork-4.10.5
   skipped: deskutils/kdeplasma-addons kdeplasma-addons-4.10.5
   skipped: x11-clocks/kdetoys4 kdetoys-4.10.5

failed: mail/thunderbird thunderbird-24.0.1 build
   skipped: mail/thunderbird-i18n thunderbird-i18n-24.0.1

failed: graphics/okular okular-4.10.5 package
   skipped: editors/calligra calligra-2.6.2_2
   skipped: games/kajongg kajongg-4.10.5
   skipped: editors/kate-plugin-pate kate-plugin-pate-4.10.5
   skipped: x11/kde4 kde-4.10.5
   skipped: games/kdegames4 kdegames-4.10.5
   skipped: graphics/kdegraphics4 kdegraphics-4.10.5
   skipped: graphics/kdegraphics4-mobipocket kdegraphics-mobipocket-4.10.5
   skipped: devel/kdesdk4 kdesdk-4.10.5
   skipped: devel/py-pykde4 py27-pykde4-4.10.5

failed: graphics/kdegraphics4-thumbnailers
kdegraphics-thumbnailers-4.10.5 package
   skipped: graphics/kdegraphics4 kdegraphics-4.10.5

failed: math/cantor cantor-4.10.5 package
   skipped: x11/kde4 kde-4.10.5
   skipped: misc/kdeedu4 kdeedu-4.10.5

failed: net/tshark-lite tshark-lite-1.10.2 package

failed: sysutils/k3b-kde4 k3b-2.0.2_12 package

Furthermore, the poudriere bulk run ends with:
====>> Preparing INDEX
====>> Generating INDEX...make_index: could not find dependency
====>> Cleaning up
====>> Umounting file systems

poudriere logs are available, if needed.

I'd really like to improve these results.
In July, I submitted some PRs on some of these failed build attempts
(ports/180926, ports/180927) with no result so far.
In September, I submitted a PR on the lang/mono problem (ports/182057).

As nobody else seems to meet any of these problems, what am I doing

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Alfred Bartsch
Data-Service GmbH
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