news/nzbget updated

Nicolas Raspail nicolas.raspail at
Tue Oct 15 18:57:56 UTC 2013


I just have seen that the news/nzbget port has been updated (fixing bug 
ports/182867). So I think someone can close the bugs ports/177669 and 
ports/180832 .

I have noted some things in the Makefile :
   * I don't see any reference to python, but the new version 11.0 
provides postinstall scripts written in Python

   * the configure argument "--enable-sigchld-handler " is still 
present, but from the developer, "since revision r712 (before the 
release of the 11.0 version) --enable-sigchld-handler shouldn't be 
necessary anymore on 64-Bit BSD. But instead --disable-sigchld-handler 
is needed on 32-Bit BSD". I have removed this line from the Makefile, 
recompile the port, install it, download a file and the postinstall 
scripts terminate successfully.

   * if you copy /usr/local/share/nzbget/nzbget.conf to 
/usr/local/etc/nzbget.conf, WebDir and ConfigTemplate will be defined 
with correct paths

   * Maybe we can add two options to install unrar/rar and 7zip



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