KDE3 apps replacements?

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at bellsouth.net
Sun Oct 13 19:49:59 UTC 2013

from Per olof Ljungmark:

> I am finally in the process of removing KDE3 completely, switched to
> Xfce some time ago, and wonder if any of you could recommend suitable
> replacements for some of the apps:

> kpdf            pdf viewer with the ability to copy text from
> kWrite          simple text editor with some filetype and highlighting
>                 features + easy to switch encoding (vim/gvim?)
> kPatience       Card game, Freecell in particular
> kColorChooser   pick html color names
> kRuler          Pixel screen ruler
> kSnapshot       Screen dump to jpg and/or png

I use xpdf, found it much better than kpdf but that was some years ago when I used KDE in Slackware Linux.

I see there are other open-source pdf viewers.

System Rescue CD uses epdfview.

I didn't like kWrite or kspread (spreadsheet that came with KDE).

Abiword is much better than kWrite, and gnumeric is much better than the spreadsheet that came with KDE.

I am not familiar with the other KDE apps.


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