[pkg-1.1.4_7] pkg: sqlite: Invalid regex (pkgdb.c:1274)

Matthew Seaman matthew at FreeBSD.org
Sun Oct 13 12:12:42 UTC 2013

On 13/10/2013 13:01, Boris Samorodov wrote:
> Hi All,
> -----
> % pkg version -x pkg-
> pkg-1.1.4_7        =
> % pkg info -x libsigc+
> libsigc++-2.3.1
> % pkg info -x libsigc++
> pkg: sqlite: Invalid regex
>  (pkgdb.c:1274)
> -----

The command argument when -x is present is a regular expression parsed
according to the rules in re_format(7).  'libsigc++' is indeed an
invalid regular expression according to those rules.  Try
'libsigc[+][+]' or 'libsigc\+\+' instead.

The characters

+  * . ? [ ] |

are all syntactically significant inside regular expressions and need
special treatment if you want to match one of them literally.  (Your
second case probably isn't doing exactly what you think it does, as it
will match:





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