INDEX build failed for 8.x

Ports Index build indexbuild at
Fri Oct 11 06:11:00 UTC 2013

INDEX build failed with errors:
Generating INDEX-8 - please wait.. Done.
make_index: ruby19-sdl-1.3.1_8: no entry for /usr/ports/graphics/ruby-opengl

Committers on the hook:
 danilo olivierd tabthorpe 

Most recent SVN update was:
Updating '.':
D    www/rubygem-rubyfulsoup
D    www/ruby-cruisecontrolrb
U    www/Makefile
D    devel/ruby-jttui
D    devel/ruby-sysvipc
D    devel/rubygem-sdl
D    devel/ruby-gemfinder
D    devel/ruby-slang
D    devel/ruby-rcov
D    devel/rubygem-getopt-declare
D    devel/ruby-gettext
D    devel/ruby-mmap
D    devel/ruby-fam
D    devel/ruby-rudl
D    devel/rubygem-rparsec
D    devel/rubygem-parsetree
D    devel/rubygem-zoom
D    devel/rubygem-ncurses
D    devel/ruby-racc
D    devel/ruby-sexp
U    devel/Makefile
D    audio/ruby-vorbisfile
D    audio/ruby-xmms
U    audio/Makefile
D    textproc/ruby-xmlscan-old
D    textproc/rubygem-formosa
D    textproc/ruby-xslt
D    textproc/ruby-erbscan
D    textproc/ruby-mwdom
D    textproc/rubygem-htmltools
U    textproc/Makefile
U    news/nzbget/pkg-plist
U    news/nzbget/Makefile
U    news/nzbget/distinfo
D    lang/ruby-mode.el
U    lang/Makefile
D    japanese/ruby-gyokuro
D    japanese/ruby-chasen
D    japanese/ruby-rdic
D    japanese/ruby-slang
U    japanese/Makefile
D    misc/rubygem-ohcount
U    misc/Makefile
D    graphics/ruby-opengl
D    graphics/rubygem-turing
D    graphics/ruby-pgplot
U    graphics/Makefile
D    security/ruby-acl
U    security/Makefile
D    games/ruby-exmars
U    games/Makefile
D    databases/ruby-bdb1
D    databases/ruby-interbase
U    databases/Makefile
D    net-im/rubygem-xmpp4r
U    net-im/Makefile
UU   multimedia/podcatcher/Makefile
U    multimedia/xfce4-parole/Makefile
U    multimedia/xfce4-parole/distinfo
U    multimedia/xfce4-parole/pkg-plist
D    x11/ruby-gtktrayicon
U    x11/Makefile
Updated to revision 330057.

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