poudriere: setting PERL_VERSION=5.16.3

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at bris.ac.uk
Mon Oct 7 21:32:04 UTC 2013

I've built a few packages with poudriere.
By default, those packages pulled in perl-5.14:

# ls /pdr/data/packages/ia64-default/All/perl*

I now want to build with perl-5.16.
So I set:

# cat /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/make.conf 

However, when I run agian poudriere bulk,
nothing is rebuilt:

====>> Appending to make.conf: /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/make.conf
/etc/resolv.conf -> /pdr/data/build/ia64-default/ref/etc/resolv.conf
====>> Starting jail ia64-default
====>> Calculating ports order and dependencies
====>> Sanity checking the repository
====>> Deleting stale symlinks
====>> Deleting empty directories
====>> Cleaning the build queue
====>> Recording filesystem state for prepkg... done
====>> No package built, no need to update the repository

What am I missing?



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