Current unassigned ports problem reports

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Mon Oct 7 11:06:04 UTC 2013

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/182786            net-mgmt/nrpe: Conflict in MOVED. Portinstall stops wi
o ports/182785            [maintainer update][patch] ports-mgmt/pkg_replace: pat
f ports/182784            ports-mgmt/pkg_replace is broken
o ports/182781            egroupware remote access vulnerability
f ports/182780            Port sysutils/ddrescue version 1.17 upgrade [patch]
o ports/182776            net-mgmt/nrpe Fails to Build (Hangs After Distfile Fet
o ports/182774            [MAINTAINER-UPDATE]: graphics/apvlv Link to pthread di
o ports/182772            graphics/aaphoto cannot be built because of the defaul
o ports/182771            new port devel/gitlab_git
o ports/182770            new port textproc/gitlab-grit
o ports/182769            [patch] Update games/stockfish to version 4
o ports/182767            new port www/gitlab-grack
o ports/182766            new port net/gitlab_omniauth-ldap
o ports/182763            new port devel/font-awesome-rails
o ports/182762            new port www/jquery-atwho-rails
f ports/182758            [patch update] security/ipsec-tools: fix build on 10a4
o ports/182755            [maintainer-update] games/ioquake3 and related
o ports/182754            [maintainer-update] games/urbanterror-data
f ports/182752            [patch update] net/ndisc6 compile fix for 10-ALPHA4, a
o ports/182748            [maintainer-update] [patch] mail/trojita: Update to 0.
o ports/182747            [maintainer-update] [patch] devel/hg-git: Add stage su
o ports/182746            [maintainer-update] [patch] devel/dulwich: Update to 0
o ports/182745            [maintainer-update] [patch] devel/diffuse: Add stage s
o ports/182744            [MAINTAINER-UPDATE] from sysutils/zogftw 2013-03-31 to
o ports/182735            new port textproc/github-linguist
o ports/182733            fix for previous sent port databases/rubygem-redis-act
o ports/182732            new port rubygem-jquery-turbolinks
f ports/182724            devel/netbsd-pkgsrc-mk-files: pkgsrc update request fr
o ports/182723            graphics/dri fails to build on 9.2-Stable
o ports/182717            ports: www/fcgiwrap building broken, dependency on dev
f ports/182712            Port audio/audacity tries to build the entire project 
f ports/182709            Port dns/ldns: ldns-config is not an example [patch]
o ports/182699            new port net/omniauth-github
o ports/182683            multimedia/libquicktime fails to build (post-patch bot
f ports/182662            [Patch] Update mail/imapsync to version 1.567
o ports/182652            new port www/bootstrap-sass
f ports/182649            graphics/aaphoto cannot be built because of the defaul
o ports/182644            sysutils/su2: stage support
o ports/182639            databases/libmongo-client: stage support
o ports/182638            x11-wm/stumpwm 0.9.7_13 is marked as broken
f ports/182635            [patch] Update sysutils/condor to 8.0.3
o ports/182628            New port: print/cups-lexmark-cs310 CUPS/foomatic drive
o ports/182626            [PATCH] Mk/ add more helpers and remove
f ports/182624            deskutils/fet update
f ports/182619            mail/qmailadmin-devel: Remove port
o ports/182612            newly built ports report problems when verifying with 
o ports/182597            [PATCH] net/scribe: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
f ports/182594            Build mail/dovecot2 wihtout kqueue is impossible
o ports/182587            security/tripwire12: Patch for build problems, amd64 c
f ports/182585            mail/dovecot2 won't install on FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE
o ports/182583            graphics/dri: missing build dependency on devel/gettex
o ports/182580            [maintainer-update] fix print/latex-aa build failure
o ports/182575            New port: net/shadowsocks-libev Lightweight tunnel pro
o ports/182564            Upgraded databases/couchdb (1.4.0)
f ports/182563            [patch] Update devel/pymacs to 0.25
f ports/182556            sysutils/fusefs-kmod needs a poke
f ports/182547            [PATCH] databases/mariadb55-server: Respect hier(7) (a
o ports/182539            www/davical port upgrade required for iOS7
f ports/182537            update to devel/php-libawl
o ports/182534            [MAINTAINER] games/assaultcube: Build with newer GCC a
o ports/182528            update for net/crtmpserver
f ports/182525            [maintainer-update] Support staging of audio/wildmidi
o ports/182516            [PATCH] databases/freetds-devel : Add new build option
f ports/182504            [PATCH] devel/qt4-qtsolutions-singleapplication: Fix b
o ports/182497            [MAINTAINER] lang/clay: update for LLVM 3.2
o ports/182495            net/wizd: svn revision 302141 broke install of port
o ports/182491            [maintainer update] 'unbreaking' port test in graphics
o ports/182485            [maintainer update] update lang/basic256 to
o ports/182482            [patch] Update science/jmol to 13.2.3
o ports/182481            [MAINTAINER] textproc/yaml-mode.el: add staging suppor
o ports/182477            [maintainer update] security/pam_jail update (10.0-CUR
o ports/182476            New port: security/broccoli: Bro client communications
o ports/182475            [PATCH] security/bro: Split broccoli library into sepe
o ports/182467            [maintainer-update] update games/stonesoup to version 
f ports/182465            Fix build problem in audio/audacity
f ports/182464            security/cvm doesn't build mysql module
o ports/182460            New port: multimedia/qwinff Qt4 media converter GUI
f ports/182456            irc/unreal: Unreal-3.2.9_2 -> Unreal- upgrade 
o ports/182452            [PATCH] net/wpa_gui: support staging, fix build on -cu
f ports/182440            [PATCH] mail/sqlgrey: fix ipv6 whitelisting
o ports/182436            ports/japanese/ng-devel patch from maintainer
o ports/182434            New port: net/rsync-bpc Modified rsync that used as pa
o ports/182432            [PATCH] port devel/google-perftools update
o ports/182431            [Maintainer] math/giacxcas fixes for FreeBSD 10
f ports/182427            [maintainer update] security/destroy
o ports/182414            New port: x11-fonts/fira Sans-serif and monospaced typ
o ports/182413            [maintainer update] net/gateway6: fix build without gc
f ports/182402            Fix and update net-mgmt/snmp++ port
o ports/182397            net/ladvd: fix undeclared _POSIX_HOST_NAME_MAX on HEAD
o ports/182395            [MAINTAINER] japanese/lookup: add staging support.
f ports/182394            Update audio/teamspeak3-server -> 3.0.9
o ports/182352            x11-wm/wmconfig port update
f ports/182349            databases/tuning-primer fails to install
o ports/182340            [MAINTAINER UPDATE] devl/aegis (repost)
o ports/182338            [PATCH] net-p2p/bitcoin: Fix build on 10.0-ALPHA2
o ports/182328            textproc/libsphinxclient/ version upgrade
o ports/182318            new port: www/slowcgi
f ports/182316            drop maintainership for www/mysqlphp2postgres and text
o ports/182303            FIX: build problem of x11/xbelld
o ports/182299            [maintainer-update] devel/awscli - update to 1.1.0
o ports/182293            Specify GCC version for devel/libopkele
o ports/182288            New port: devel/lnphost
o ports/182285            [PATCH] japanese/csrd: take maintainership and etc.
o ports/182283            audio/akode*: Fix build with Clang and newer versions 
f ports/182280            devel/gdb fails to build when PYTHON option enabled
f ports/182220            [PATCH] graphics/opencolorio: Fix build on 10.0-ALPHA 
f ports/182216            can't fetch print/cups-samba distfile
f ports/182215            audio/mumble: no sound, failed to load CELT plugins
f ports/182209            [new port] misc/hyperv-ic: Ports containing Hyper-V in
o ports/182208            sysutils/ldap-account-manager: fix depends
f ports/182199            dns/mdnsd failing on assertion because badly defined f
f ports/182197            [PATCH] lang/spidermonkey17: Fix typo
o ports/182195            (RELEASE - head-amd64-default) irc/scrollz: Build fail
f ports/182184            [maintainer][patch] Upgrade port games/xtrojka to 1.2.
f ports/182153            lang/spidermonkey17 fails configure
o ports/182138            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-jsmin: PHP extension for minifyi
f ports/182127            security/bro fails to build
o ports/182117            patch - update net/widentd for clang
o ports/182113            [patch] editors/nvi-m17n: Cannot search multibyte char
f ports/182097            [patch] unbreak ports/emulators/fmsx
f ports/182085            devel/git-review: drop argparse dependency
f ports/182082            emulators/dynamips-community upgrade to 0.2.10 and hea
f ports/182077            maintainer update: science/minc2
o ports/182056            [NEW PORT] emulators/petitecloud -- thin frontend for 
o ports/182051            sysutils/wiimms upgrade to 2.23a and fix head compilat
o ports/182043            Build failed for print/ansiprint 1.0 during build&#820
o ports/182040            misc/sls port has build errors
o ports/182039            devel/xa65: CLANG fixes
o ports/182037            Response for Build failed for games/mangband 1.1.2 dur
f ports/182034            [patch] update sysutils/zxfer for FreeBSD 9.2
o ports/182033            [maintainer] make devel/wordgrinder build when gcc is 
o ports/182015            audio/aureal-kmod is unfetchable
f ports/182007            graphics/openimageio: ormatspec.cpp:994:9: error: no m
o ports/181967            graphics/aaphoto: Missing OpenMP functionality because
o ports/181959            New port: sysutils/zjail Management tool for ZFS based
o ports/181945            [ New Port] sysutils/jail-primer
f ports/181944            games/iourbanterror: gcc not found
o ports/181943            New port: finance/fixc simple Financial Information eX
f ports/181927            [PATCH] fix net/fping Makefile comment
f ports/181923            security/heimdal JOBS_UNSAFE and default prefix locati
o ports/181919            [PATCH] x11-toolkits/Xaw3d has an overflow error in ge
f ports/181912            x11-toolkits/swt-devel: bad zipfile offset (local head
o ports/181904            [PATCH] graphics/libwmf: fix warning of make index whe
o ports/181893            print/typetools: Update to version 2.99
o ports/181892            misc/grc: Update to version 1.5
o ports/181891            deskutils/ganyremote: Update to version 6.3
o ports/181890            net-p2p/gtk-gnutella: Update to version 1.0.0
o ports/181889            misc/pinfo: Update MASTER_SITES
o ports/181888            science/bodr: Update to version 10
o ports/181887            audio/ecasound: Update MASTER_SITES and WWW: line
o ports/181886            games/mahjong: Update to version 1.13
o ports/181885            mail/avenger: Update to version 0.8.4
o ports/181884            devel/ace: Update to version 6.2.1
o ports/181883            biology/fasta3: Update to version 36.3.6c
o ports/181880            devel/rudiments: Update to version 0.42
o ports/181879            net/ulxmlrpcpp: Fix build on 10-current
o ports/181878            net/nbd-server: Update to version 3.4
o ports/181877            audio/pd: Update to version 0.45.2
o ports/181876            lang/gcl: Update to version 2.6.9
o ports/181875            databases/mysql-workbench52: Fix build
o ports/181855            Port: sysutils/heartbeat: FreeBSD 10 Fixes
o ports/181848            [NEW PORT] www/php-Twig: The flexible, fast, and secur
o ports/181839            Build failed for graphics/inventor 2.1.5.p10_7 during 
f ports/181836            Port sysutils/smartmontools brocken for scsi discs
o ports/181832            [NEW PORT] net/py-gspreadsheet: Interface to Google sp
f ports/181819            games/iourbanterror: Engine linkage error #31
f ports/181811            [patch] security/libgcrypt inline assembler error at c
f ports/181774            USE_BDB 47+ fails to find installed databases/db47
o ports/181767            [PATCH] www/bozohttpd: update to 20130711
f ports/181746            graphics/ImageMagick makefile directly executes perl
f ports/181735            mail/fetchmail system-wide install can't write fetch i
o ports/181732            New port: www/redmine-sidebar_hide Redmine hide sideba
o ports/181731            [patch] games/atris: unbreak with bmake
o ports/181724            [PATCH] databases/pecl-mongo: update to 1.4.3
f ports/181713            [patch] audio/cmus Fix compilation
f ports/181711            port lang/ocaml does not build
o ports/181691            [NEW PORT] Please import Tryton Application Platform 2
o ports/181680            [MAINTAINER] devel/pear-channel-symfony2: update to 20
o ports/181676            New port: graphics/sxiv simple X image viewer
o ports/181673            [MAINTAINER] devel/pear-SebastianBergmann_PHPLOC: upda
o ports/181672            [PATCH] devel/pear: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
o ports/181671            [NEW PORT] devel/pear-SebastianBergmann_Git: Simple wr
o ports/181670            [NEW PORT] devel/pear-SebastianBergmann_Version: Manag
o ports/181669            [MAINTAINER] devel/pear-SebastianBergmann_FinderFacade
o ports/181668            [MAINTAINER] devel/pear-Symfony_Component_Finder: upda
f ports/181641            mail/ssmtp provide option for CRAM-MD5 support
o ports/181638            [PATCH] devel/pecl-gearman: update to 1.1.2
o ports/181637            [MAINTAINER] devel/pecl-inotify: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
f ports/181633            [PATCH] update print/hplip-plugin to 3.13.8
f ports/181609            [PATCH] net/scribe: Update to 2.2.2013.04.15
o ports/181577            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-msgpack: This provide API for co
f ports/181566            [update] security/sssd to 1.9.5
o ports/181538            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-jsonc: PECL extension for JSON m
f ports/181530            Upgrade lang/abcl to 1.2.1
o ports/181529            sysutils/devcpu-data: Panic after CPU microcode update
o ports/181527            New port: multimedia/mjpg-streamer HTTP video streamin
f ports/181520            mplayer/mencoder failed to build with net/liveMedia 20
f ports/181507            [PATCH] security/pks: fix autostart
o ports/181506            [maintainer-update] devel/eclipse-eclemma 2.2.1
o ports/181483            [PATCH] science/py27-h5py: update to 2.1.1_3
f ports/181481            [PATCH] irc/ircd-ratbox fix default options broken by 
o ports/181480            textproc/xerces-c2 and textproc/xerces-c2-devel missin
o ports/181478            [MAINTAINER] devel/pear-Pirum: update to 1.1.5
o ports/181477            [MAINTAINER] devel/pecl-judy: update to 1.0.0
o ports/181451            [NEW PORT] misc/auto-multiple-choice: Multiple Choice 
o ports/181450            [new port] www/linux-f10-flashplugin10 request, becase
o ports/181432            [PATCH] net/pecl-yaz: update to 1.1.6 to make it compa
o ports/181417            [MAINTAINER] devel/pecl-zookeeper: update to 0.2.2
o ports/181415            [MAINTAINER] devel/py27-pudb: update to 2013.3.5
f ports/181399            Update converters/pdf2djvu port to 0.7.17 and unbreak
f ports/181391            lang/itcl: fix REINPLACE usage
o ports/181385            [patch] x11-drivers/xf86-video-vmware: a fix from a VM
o ports/181356            [MAINTAINER] chinese/ydict: update to 1.3.1
f ports/181345            net/tigervnc: shortcuts like Ctrl-C does not work on v
o ports/181336            I have updated www/drupal7 to version 7.23
o ports/181332            Update databases/jasperreports to version 5.1.2
f ports/181324            [patch] fix net/istgt with options VBOXVD (VirtualBox 
f ports/181308            Update textproc/jakarta-poi to version 3.9
o ports/181301            New port: net/kamailio - A very fast and configurable 
f ports/181294            Missing dependency for www/glpi
f ports/181291            [PATCH] mail/postgrey: make postgrey work with perl 5.
f ports/181251            net-mgmt/mrtg: rateup constantly segfaulted because of
f ports/181248            [PATCH] print/cups-base Disable INSTALLS_ICONS for non
o ports/181244            New port: devel/ocl-icd  OpenCL Installable Client Dri
o ports/181243            New port: devel/opencl-icd Khronos OpenCL Installable 
f ports/181230            security/dirmngr fails to build after ld(1) update
o ports/181137            x11-clocks/wmfuzzy updates far too frequently, chewing
o ports/181133            [patch] x11-drivers/input-wacom: enabled support of wa
f ports/181106            sysutils/logrotate bus error (core dumped)
o ports/181105            [NEW PORT] devel/php-composer: Dependency Manager for 
f ports/181104            audio/mumble: dubious patch to allow OSS device select
f ports/181102            [PATCH] audio/mumble cannot find bundled libcelt
o ports/181074            misc/cs: Update to version 0.9.6
o ports/181073            graphics/gphoto2: Update to version 2.5.2
o ports/181072            lang/bigloo: Update to version 4.0b
f ports/181071            x11-wm/clementine: Support CXX/CXXFLAGS properly
o ports/181070            print/pmw: Update to version 4.26
o ports/181068            editors/asedit: Support CFLAGS properly
o ports/181067            games/acm: Update MASTER_SITES
o ports/181066            misc/gkrellweather2: Update to version 2.0.8
o ports/181065            finance/qhacc: Update to version 4.2
f ports/181064            multimedia/2mandvd: Update to version 1.8.5
o ports/181063            comms/ser2net: Update to version 2.9.1
o ports/181062            devel/ppl: Update to version 1.0
o ports/181061            www/htdump: Update to version 0.9y
o ports/181060            x11-toolkits/blt: Fix build with Tcl/Tk 8.6
o ports/181059            sysutils/gkrelltop: Update to version 2.2.13
o ports/181058            graphics/epix: Update to version 1.2.12
f ports/181057            databases/grass: Update to version 6.4.3
o ports/181056            cad/gerbv: Update to version 2.6.1
o ports/181055            misc/gkrellm-helium: Update MASTER_SITES and WWW: line
f ports/181040            [patch] sysutils/conky "diskio" memory leak fix
o ports/181038            print/acrobatviewer dies with null pointer exception w
f ports/181021            x11-toolkits/open-motif fails to build because YY_MAIN
o ports/180987            [NEW PORTs] audio/ardour3 and multimedia/harvid
f ports/180984            math/openblas:  Patch patch-exports+gensymbol failed t
f ports/180959            [PATCH] x11/x3270: update to 3.3.12
o ports/180954            sysutils/pciutils (lspci) uses its own database and no
o ports/180925            Can't compile sysutils/fusefs-smbnetfs on -current
o ports/180904            New port: security/pecl-scrypt PHP wrapper to Colin Pe
o ports/180887            New Port: databases/php5-mongodb
f ports/180845            package creation fails for sysutils/bacula-bat
f ports/180832            New version of news/nzbget (11.0)
o ports/180828            [MAINTAINER] russian/MT: update to 5.2.7,1
f ports/180786            lang/lua52 lacks a pkgconfig file
o ports/180780            [PATCH] devel/pear-TheSeer_phpDox: update to 0.5.0
o ports/180772            [PATCH] databases/pecl-mongo: update to 1.4.2
f ports/180753            [PATCH] devel/ocaml-opam: fix build error of
f ports/180739            ports/sysutils/ezjail patch
f ports/180736            net/torsocks: aclocal-1.14: error: couldn't open direc
f ports/180734            games/iourbanterror: broken
o ports/180703            multimedia/dvdstyler: Update to version 2.5
f ports/180702            graphics/gmt: Update to version 4.5.9
o ports/180700            devel/wxGlade: Update to version 0.6.8
o ports/180696            games/xlife: Update to version 6.7
o ports/180690            japanese/skk-tools: Update to version 1.3.3
o ports/180683            multimedia/gxine: Change Javascript engine to spidermo
o ports/180681            [patch] textproc/urlview fix compiler warnings
o ports/180668            japanese/mutt-devel update to 1.5.21-ja.2
o ports/180665            [new port] secturiy/rngtest: TRNG/PRNG test tool
o ports/180654            [NEW PORT] devel/linux-f10-hal-libs: HAL libs (Linux F
f ports/180651            net/scribe won't build with automake update to 1.14
o ports/180650            [maintainer update] for graphics/openshadinglanguage
f ports/180647            www/cherokee: build fails
f ports/180607            sysutils/zfsnap: grammar error(s) in pkg-descr
o ports/180602            [NEW PORT] multimedia/xjadeo: A synced video player fo
o ports/180595            unable to build net-p2p/mldonkey-core on i386 using cl
o ports/180580            [maintainer-update] Update to databases/py-odbc port
o ports/180573            MAINTAINER-UPDATE shells/rssh -> support latest rsync
o ports/180564            multimedia/mplayer compilation error with Clang (runni
o ports/180542            Update sysutils/xfsprogs to version 2.9.8
o ports/180524            games/crack-attack crashes
o ports/180492            problem with /usr/ports/Mk/
f ports/180489            graphics/pecl-gmagick: Update to 1.1.2RC1 (with patch)
o ports/180475            audio/freeswitch-sounds: volume reduced to 20% of orig
o ports/180452            New Port: devel/libbson: library providing useful rout
o ports/180446            New port: print/p910nd A small printer daemon
o ports/180422            New port: www/py-django-simple-captcha
o ports/180409            ports/math/scilab trying to use F77
o ports/180408            ports/math/scilab missing a file to be installed
o ports/180407            x11-fm/dolphin in kde-4.10.5 will cause reboot
o ports/180364            [NEW PORT] www/ap22-mod_realdoc: Apache module to supp
f ports/180350            textproc/sigil build problems when libzip installed
f ports/180337            devel/tnt: tnt_sparse_matrix_csr.h:97:3: error: no mat
o ports/180335            print/transfig: Can't find png header pngpriv.h
o ports/180320            New port: www/p5-Template-Plugin-StripScripts
o ports/180319            New port: graphics/p5-Image-LibExif
o ports/180318            New port: textproc/p5-XML-Declare
o ports/180316            New port: textproc/p5-Catalyst-Action-Serialize-XML-Ha
o ports/180315            New port: www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-PerUser
o ports/180314            New port: net/p5-Net-Google-PicasaWeb
o ports/180311            New port: graphics/p5-Image-ObjectDetect
o ports/180310            New port: devel/p5-accessors-fast
o ports/180309            New port: devel/p5-AnyEvent-Memcached
o ports/180307            New port: devel/p5-Devel-Leak-Cb
o ports/180305            New port: devel/p5-DateTime-Format-RSS
o ports/180302            New port: devel/p5-Test-If
o ports/180301            New port: devel/p5-Variable-Eject
o ports/180299            New port: devel/p5-String-RewritePrefix
o ports/180296            New port: net/p5-Net-CIDR-Set
o ports/180295            New port: security/p5-Crypt-RSA-Yandex
o ports/180294            New port: devel/p5-Lingua-Translit
o ports/180293            New port: devel/p5-Class-Mixin
o ports/180256            NEW PORT: www/twig-php which is a PHP template engine
o ports/180237            [new port] devel/radare2-devel: Tools to disasm, debug
o ports/180228            russian/fortuneru: port upgrade
o ports/180195            [patch] upgrade games/minecraft-client to 1.6.1
f ports/180190            graphics/openshadinglanguage: liboslexec/llvm_ops.s:34
f ports/180159            Mk/Uses/  Used to add dependancy on either jpe
o ports/180144            [new port] textproc/fss: PHP5-Extension FastStringSear
o ports/180070            New port: devel/kickassembler: Advanced MOS 65xx assem
f ports/180050            mail/alpine should be updated to version 2.10
o ports/180034            audio/squeezeboxserver is now Logitech Media Server
f ports/180033            databases/postgis20 gives in to processing text files 
o ports/180022            New port: textproc/extract_url Perl script that extrac
o ports/179989            [ patch ] net/istgt broken linking, broken cast, broke
o ports/179855            New port: science/sigrok-cli
o ports/179854            New port: science/pulseview
o ports/179853            New port: devel/libsigrok
o ports/179852            New port: devel/libsigrokdecode
o ports/179843            emacs and texinfo collide
o ports/179778            new port: net/fish-sync -- network file sync tool
o ports/179754            New port: devel/p5-CPAN-Site
f ports/179738            port update: games/atanks
f ports/179726            www/cherokee cannot be installed on FreeBSD 9.1
o ports/179724            new port: net-p2p/btsync
o ports/179681            [Maintainer Update] graphics/gimp-help and subsidiary 
f ports/179637            [patch] ports-mgmt/portupdate-scan: add the "-a [date]
o ports/179624            [New Port] sysutils/dunst - Lightweight notification d
o ports/179611            running sysutils/pdumpfs fails with ruby19
f ports/179565            [MAINTAINER] devel/pecl-pthreads: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
o ports/179499            [patch] port sysutils/devcpu-data is unmaintained and 
f ports/179370            updating science/paraview
o ports/179365            switch devel/gnustep-make dependency from lang/gcc42 t
o ports/179321            New port: sysutils/storcli SAS MegaRAID FreeBSD StorCL
f ports/179236            Build failure (lib-depends) for net/tigervnc when HPJP
o ports/179180            devel/freeocl: Minor changes regarding upcoming POCL p
o ports/179161            ports/math/py-graphtool's Makefile fix
o ports/179140            [new ports] emulators/fs-uae and emulators/fs-uae-laun
o ports/179116            New port: graphics/xcftools Command-line tools for ext
o ports/179074            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-event: Provides interface to lib
o ports/179065            Add RDRAND/F16C support to misc/cpuid
o ports/179017            New port: sysutils/rcadm utility for administrating rc
f ports/179010            [PATCH] devel/doxygen: update to 1.8.4_1
f ports/179003            Port net-mgmt/nagios has lost dependency(textproc/php5
o ports/178998            New port: devel/sfml2: a multimedia library
f ports/178973            [PATCH] net/scribe: Use USE_GITHUB framework to fetch 
o ports/178855            [maintainer update] games/armagetron
o ports/178808            devel/wxGlade raises exception when generating XRC cod
f ports/178785            mail/dracmail: adoption of optionsNG, and standardize 
o ports/178780            [patch] updated databases/libdbi-drivers to 0.9.0
o ports/178772            Port update: net-mgmt/snmptt
f ports/178766            science/hdf5: crt1.c:(.text+0x8a): undefined reference
o ports/178757            devel/freeocl: Update
o ports/178726            [PATCH] databases/mariadb55-server: multi-instances st
o ports/178695            [new port] www/eaccelerator-devel Development version 
f ports/178616            ports-mgmt/porttools: port test does not handle pkgNG
o ports/178557            Ports with USE_GCC=any don't respect local CC and CXX 
o ports/178497            [maintainer update] databases/datamodeler version upda
f ports/178475            [UPDATE] graphics/gmt: New version 4.5.9 available
o ports/178474            [NEW PORT] games/linux-dwarf-fortress: Dwarf Fortress 
o ports/178457            [New port]audio/hydrogen-devel
o ports/178441            [NEW PORT] databases/memkeys: A tool to show memcache 
f ports/178431            graphics/geos hardcodes PHP 5.4 version
s ports/178281            [new port] www/torbrowser: Request for a Native Torbro
f ports/178251            [patch] converters/unix2dos implicit declaration of fu
f ports/178246            mail/fetchyahoo: is BROKEN
f ports/178245            [patch] mail/getlive: 3.0 has been released
o ports/178229            devel/gnustep failed install - no objective c compiler
o ports/178196            /usr/ports/www/trac-mercurial broken
o ports/178160            emulators/sness9express: Fix build
o ports/178126            [NEW PORT] databases/mysql56-server-cluster: MySQL Clu
o ports/178125            [NEW PORT] databases/mysql56-client-cluster: Multithre
o ports/178052            New port submission: dns/mDNSRedponder_nss
f ports/178042            sysutils/ezjail: zsh completion does not work
o ports/177906            [new port] x11-fonts/fpf Free Persian font
o ports/177838            New port: multimedia/openstopmotion Webcam capture pro
o ports/177793            [maintainer update] multimedia/qmmp, multimedia/qmmp-p
o ports/177771            maintainer update: math/dolfin-devel
o ports/177753            New port: sysutils/slurm-devel
o ports/177745            New port: science/lammps
o ports/177744            New port: science/lammps-openmpi
f ports/177741            net-mgmt/sipcalc cannot handle ipv6 zone index
f ports/177721            multimedia/mplayer: Missing dependency
o ports/177692            New port: science/openkim
f ports/177669            news/nzbget - PostProcess script terminated with unkno
o ports/177651            New port: security/openiked OpenBSD's IKEv2 daemon
f ports/177643            Update port graphics/fotoxx to latest version
f ports/177588            ports-mgmt/porttools: does not permit SVN diff mode ou
o ports/177565            [NEW PORT] www/trac-keywordsecretticket: Adds ticket s
o ports/177512            Make emulators/snes9express compile again
f ports/177497            mail/dovecot startup script breaks onestart functional
o ports/177492            [New Port] graphics/multiraw (replace prev)
o ports/177490            [New Port] graphics/dcraw-m Modified dcraw
o ports/177411            [NEW PORT] databases/mysql-udf-ipv6: MySQL UDFs provid
f ports/177407            graphics/fotoxx: MASTER_SITES
f ports/177406            update port and add arch: lang/mlton
f ports/177397            [patch] security/heimdal: fix conflict between heimdal
f ports/177371            sysutils/smartmontools - triggers channel blocking
o ports/177370            New port: audio/opusfile
o ports/177364            [patch] math/scilab port build fails configuration ste
o ports/177363            graphics/pqiv aborts when opening an image
f ports/177336            New port: security/sav
o ports/177211            net-mgmt/cflowd: cflowd fix
f ports/177193            audio/moc: please include FLAC support by default in p
o ports/177182            audio/mixxx segmentation fault
f ports/177152            sysutils/fusefs-kmod missing pkg-message file
o ports/177074            [fix] audio/timidity and audio/guspat
o ports/177071            editors/slime not working with emacs-24
o ports/177014            new port: databases/sqlayer
f ports/176874            sysutils/fusefs-sshfs crashes on amd64
o ports/176840            New port: www/p5-Toader   A easy to use CMS that opera
f ports/176816            www/privoxy+ipv6 is obsolete
f ports/176805            rc scripts provided with security/heimdal haven't a co
o ports/176767            [patch] net-im/ari-yahoo broken on freebsd-head
o ports/176716            [patch] devel/boehm-gc update to 7.2d combining previo
f ports/176676            [patch] net/ss5: syslog option is noisy
o ports/176660            [ports] editors/pdfedit: build failure on ia64 -curren
o ports/176651            NEW PORT: graphics/flashprojector - Adobe standalone S
o ports/176625            New Port: ports-mgmt/prhistory-sync-perl Sync GNATS PR
o ports/176509            [NEW PORT] www/dnssec-validator: DNSSEC Validator exte
o ports/176507            [NEW PORT] www/xpi-dnssec: DNSSEC Validator extension 
o ports/176505            [NEW PORT] www/crx-dnssec: DNSSEC Validator extension 
o ports/176504            [NEW PORT] devel/crxmake: Make chromium extensions
o ports/176468            www/sams can not use the mask /32, with authorization 
o ports/176456            NEW PORT: lang/jsawk - Command-line JSON parser
o ports/176445            New port: audio/icecast-kh Streaming mp3/ogg-vorbis au
s ports/176442            Port files with double-colons cannot exist on FAT part
f ports/176383            sysutils/ipmitool cannot connect over SOL
o ports/176378            [PATCH] Fix several typos in the ports tree
o ports/176195            [PATCH] games/cre: Set NO_WRKSUBDIR and BUILD_WRKSRC i
f ports/176172            graphics/povray37: /usr/local/bin/ld: disp_sdl.o: unde
o ports/176096            [NEW PORT] www/xibo-server: Xibo - Digital Signage (se
f ports/176047            ports: graphics/ImageMagick: -delay option spurious me
f ports/176044            ports: print/ghostview (1.5_3) segfault/coredump
f ports/176012            irc/inspircd fails to detect OpenSSL in base running r
o ports/175947            [NEW PORT] www/sogo: Groupware server with a focus on 
o ports/175946            [NEW PORT] devel/sope: An extensive set of GNUstep web
f ports/175868            security/nessus-libnasl: nasl_crypto.c:25:10: fatal er
f ports/175813            [patch] mail/dovecot2 doesn't detect libstemmer or ext
f ports/175772            Update to finance/php-tclink
o ports/175748            New port: www/your-freedom A SOCKS proxy application
f ports/175733            devel/libatomic_ops:  Segmentation fault :  install  -
o ports/175620            New port: devel/bashdb, Bash debugger
f ports/175611            sysutils/zfs-periodic package do not enable cron to ho
o ports/175585            deskutils/cdcat: Update to version 2.2
o ports/175385            dns/fastresolve does not compile
o ports/175266            port audio/libmtp is miscategorized: it should be sysu
o ports/175233            devel/boehm-gc: GC does not scan static roots in share
o ports/175229            x11-toolkit/swt-devel fails
o ports/175145            security/bro, fix port so it installs broctl (required
f ports/175121            devel/buildapp does not produce executable file
f ports/175113            devel/freeocl: fix with clang
o ports/174988            New port: net/tclsoap
o ports/174960            sysutils/fusefs-ntfs mkntfs fails because of "no block
o ports/174947            [new port] ftp/php5-dav, php5 webdav module, allowing 
o ports/174940            [new port]: misc/valspeak, a filter that converts Engl
f ports/174898            graphics/openimageio: pkg: (openimageio-1.1.2) /usr/lo
o ports/174883            databases/grass: cut: ../dist.amd64-portbld-freebsd10.
o ports/174841            graphics/sane-frontends fails to build
f ports/174798            audio/soundtracker: request to add system menu item/en
o ports/174795            x11-toolkits/open-motif: Installing open-motif-2.3.4..
f ports/174764            [patch] upgrade databases/postgis to 1.5.8 (fixes comp
o ports/174746            Segmentation fault in security/prelude-lml
o ports/174647            [NEW PORT] net/infinispan: Open source highly scalable
f ports/174583            devel/libreadline-java: patch for UTF8 support
o ports/174561            [patch] upgrade devel/avr-binutils from 2.20.1 to 2.22
o ports/174560            [patch] upgrade devel/avr-gcc from 4.5.1 to 4.6.2
o ports/174559            [patch] add vendor patchset to devel/avr-libc
f ports/174487            mail/notmuch fails to build during portupgrade
o ports/174368            New port: lang/nimrod The Nimrod programming language.
o ports/174308            [] cyrus-sasl-2.1.25_2 will not compile
f ports/174303            [PATCH] Update devel/libgta to version 1.0.4
o ports/174289            net/ssvnc build fails - configure: error: /usr/bin/cpp
f ports/174237            databases/php5-redis - zAdd does not set the correct s
o ports/174176            audio/timidity++: Update to version 2.14.0
o ports/174131            net/citrix_ica: Update port to
f ports/174118            graphics/pecl-gmagick
o ports/174055            Default Linux ALSA configuration update request
f ports/174018            Can't disable security/sshguard -b option
o ports/173998            textproc/xalan-c from version 1.10 to 1.11
o ports/173996            net-mgmt/p5-Cflow: add support for net-mgmt/flow-tools
f ports/173858            sysutils/bsdadminscripts installs pkg_libchk that does
o ports/173581            new port submission, security/sagan
f ports/173489            [PATCH] databases/mysqltuner: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
f ports/173369            math/gnuplot+: avoid conflicts with math/gnuplot
o ports/173282            New port: security/keepassx2 Cross Platform Password M
o ports/173194            [new port] java/eclipse-birt: BIRT plugin for Eclipse 
o ports/172967            [restore port] www/asterisk-gui for asterisk 1.6 to as
o ports/172917            textproc/syck: LuaYAML-Testcases test-suite for lua ex
f ports/172750            graphics/luminance does not compile if graphics/libraw
f ports/172595            New port: net-p2p/pushpoold bitcoin push-mining pool s
o ports/172496            biology/blat: Update to version 35
f ports/172441            chinese/fcitx should be in 'textproc' instead of 'chin
o ports/172439            [New Port] chinese/fcitx-table-yonh: Pinyin-like input
o ports/172361            lang/gnustep-base fail to configure with clang
f ports/172353            multimedia/mencoder does not build with clang on amd64
f ports/172272            www/speedtest-mini - port not working
f ports/171950            devel/tnt: include/tnt/tnt_sparse_matrix_csr.h:97:3: e
o ports/171945            sysutils/fusefs-smbnetfs crash since fusefs-libs updat
o ports/171921            New port: devel/ocltools:
o ports/171903            net-mgmt/observium port should only provide dependenci
f ports/171886            [PATCH] multimedia/gpac-mp4box: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
f ports/171868            [new port] net/remotebox: Open Source VirtualBox Clien
o ports/171855            [NEW PORT] net-mgmt/node-statsd - Simple daemon for ea
f ports/171850            Misleading pkg install option in sysutils/fusefs-kmod
f ports/171849            databases/postgis: port switches compiler! GCC -> CLAN
o ports/171801            [patch] www/sams: Problem with creating MySQL database
f ports/171338            both databases/mariadb-scripts and databases/mariadb-s
o ports/171176            new port: net/winexe
f ports/171160            sysutils/loganalyzer depends on php5
o ports/171149            new port: textproc/imsettings - a framework manages in
o ports/171106            New Port: net/jdownloader - Download manager (java)
o ports/171019            [new port] science/isis3: USGS ISIS3 planetary mapping
o ports/171017            [new port] astro/cspice: New scientific port: NASA/NAI
o ports/170819            New port: net-mgmt/UniFi UniFi Wireless Controller
o ports/170695            sysutils/fusefs-ntfs - instant reboot when mv from UFS
f ports/170366            lang/libobjc2: update to 1.6.1
f ports/170339            www/node: segmentation violation in v8::internal::Hand
f ports/170100            astro/orsa: version 0.7.0 in ports hopelessly outdated
o ports/170078            New port: databases/mysql-workbench: a cross-platform,
o ports/169741            [new port] devel/visualparadigm
o ports/169628            sysutils/devcpu-data
f ports/169322            New port: net/armsd: SMFv2/ARMS Service Adapter daemon
o ports/169165            sysutils/fusefs-kmod: calling fchown(2) on sshfs files
o ports/168647            Remove trailing spaces from all ports-related files
o ports/168404            [NEW PORT] databases/dev-sqlite3: This is a developmen
o ports/168328            [REPOCOPY] devel/codeblocks --> devel/codeblocks-devel
o ports/167759            [New Ports] x11-wm/e17-modules-ecomorph and x11-wm/eco
f ports/167691            security/heimdal: problem compiling kerberos/heimdal
o ports/167042            New port: net-p2p/tahoe-lafs
f ports/167031            security/heimdal ignore environment after process call
o ports/166987            net/nss_ldap: ports/152982 causes nss_ldap to not func
o ports/166826            New port: misc/libphidget The driver for Phidgets devi
o ports/166812            New port: mail/bounceHammer
o ports/165720            [PATCH] www/suphp: [Add support for lighttpd]
o ports/165586            New port german/lx-office-erp, sql-ledger fork with ex
o ports/165565            New port: www/mod_auth_token Token-based authenticatio
o ports/164197            smsd(comms/smstools3) doesn't read some configurations
o ports/163850            New port: cad/linux-bricscad
o ports/158983            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-dtrace: PHP DTrace provider
o ports/158791            Update security/openvas-*
o ports/156834            New port: games/fairymax-devel latest version of games
o i386/138737             [endian] [patch] Patch for bswap64(9) operation on IA 
o ports/107354            net/icmpinfo: icmpinfo -vvv does not recocnize any ICM
o ports/93279             devel/cvsmonitor: not useable (/dev/mem: Permission de

566 problems total.

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