pkgng doesn't refresh the fetched catalog/packages

Loïc BLOT loic.blot at
Sat Oct 5 19:49:35 UTC 2013

it's the second time i have this issue, and i think i forget something
about pkgng, or, maybe, it's a bug.

My poudriere update it's tree and compile updated ports each night then
it refreshed our http repository (removing all previous files and
copying all the repository from poudriere)

One some servers, while repository has right files (for example owncloud
5.0.12), pkg upgrade doesn't see the updated package/repository (no log
message about updated packages, and if i type "pkg install owncloud, it
see version 5.0.11). I've tried a pkg clean to remove old files but
nothing happens.

How can i unlock this situation ?

Thanks in advance

Best regards,
Loïc BLOT, 
UNIX systems, security and network engineer

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