Please review new set of rubygem ports

Loïc BLOT loic.blot at
Sat Oct 5 10:34:45 UTC 2013

Hello @ports,
At this time i was porting gitlab application to FreeBSD ports. ~65
ports are missing. You can find a first set of rubygems needed for
gitlab in the PR.

If ruby maintainer can look at this and review, it will be appreciated
(if i need to fix some PR).

Here are the PR lists:
ports/182652 -> ports/182656
ports/182666 -> ports/182673
ports/182675 -> ports/182679

I'll continue to add required missing rubygems for this port later (~40
gems remaining). If someone want to help me to add those rubygems ports
please tell me !

Have a nice day,

Best regards,
Loïc BLOT, 
UNIX systems, security and network engineer

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