Can't compile www/chromium on 9.2-RC1

Florent Peterschmitt florent at
Wed Oct 2 07:19:34 UTC 2013

Le 02/10/2013 02:57, George Mitchell a écrit :
> It tries to compile with clang, which I don't have on my 9.2-RC1 box.
> What's the next thing to do?

Reinstall world with clang? It's been a long time www/chromium doesn't
build with base's.

More and more ports are not building with base's GCC so not having clang
will juste bring some headaches.

Also, the www/chromium port can use clang from ports if the version <

Seems that 9.2-RC1 is up to this version. My advise is to reinstall
world with clang :)

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