The vim port needs a refresh

Kenta Suzumoto kentas at
Fri May 24 21:53:27 UTC 2013

Hello all. The editors/vim port is currently a mess and needs some changes. 

- It fetches almost 700 patches from what seems like a dial-up connection in AUSTRALIA.

You might as well be downloading a 1080p movie from a rock in the north pole, because that's about how fast it is.
This can be very easily avoided by putting all the patches into a single tarball and hosting it anywhere decent. I've
seen someone in ##freebsd on freenode handing out a tarball with all the patches many times, and everyone asks
"why isn't this the default? why is some random guy giving me distfiles?" etc. Seems like a no-brainer.

- By default, it builds lots of gui stuff that certainly almost no one wants

It almost seems like the vim-lite port should be renamed vim and the vim port should be renamed gvim. I had to
google to come up with this solution, because I can't even disable that stuff in "make config" (another problem!)

.if ${.CURDIR}=="/usr/ports/editors/vim"

People shouldn't have to find this hack to be able to install vim normally (and no, telling them to use vim-lite isn't normal).
I'm surprised that none of these changes have been made yet. I've heard it's "because the maintainer won't listen to reason"
but I have no way to know if that's the case or not. I also heard bapt@ had an optionsNG patch that he wouldn't
integrate into the port for some reason. Please, let's get this stuff fixed once and for all. None of it requires a large amount
of work on anyone's part. 

P.S. we're now at 7.3.1011 - the port could use a normal update as well. </minor complaint>

- kenta

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