pkg & portmaster

Adrian Murphy amurphy at
Wed Jun 26 01:48:07 UTC 2013


I noticed portmaster developed a problem after a recent update to 
ports-mgmt/pkg where the following appears in the output:

[: false: bad number

I traced it to lines in portmaster where np_orphan is set:

np_orphan=`pkg query "%a" $upg_port`

It appears 'pkg query "%a"' used to return 0 or 1 and now it returns 
'true' or 'false'.

The 'pkg help query' text says "%a  Returns 1 if the matched package is 
an orphan package and can be pkg-autoremove(1)'d, 0 otherwise"

I further ran into trouble with ports-mgmt/pkg-devel today where 
portmaster calls:
    pkg info pkg

This fails with ports-mgmt/pkg-devel unless the line is changed to:
    pkg info pkg-devel

This stopped portmaster from working.

I reverted to using ports-mgmt/pkg to get around this.

Regards, Adrian

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