pkgng seems to be out of date?

Ben Laurie ben at
Sat Jun 22 17:46:55 UTC 2013

$ pwd
$ make build-depends-list
$ make run-depends-list


$ pkg query '%n: %do' xml2rfc
xml2rfc: textproc/expat2
xml2rfc: x11-fonts/fontconfig
xml2rfc: print/freetype2
xml2rfc: x11/kbproto
xml2rfc: x11/libX11
xml2rfc: x11/libXau
xml2rfc: x11/libXdmcp
xml2rfc: x11-fonts/libXft
xml2rfc: x11/libXrender
xml2rfc: devel/libpthread-stubs
xml2rfc: x11/libxcb
xml2rfc: devel/pkgconf
xml2rfc: x11/renderproto
xml2rfc: lang/tcl-modules
xml2rfc: lang/tcl85
xml2rfc: x11-toolkits/tk85
xml2rfc: x11/xproto

a) Why so many more dependencies, and...

b) Why different versions of tcl/tk?

And ... how do I fix it?

BTW, I use portmaster to maintain my installed ports...

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