portupgrade-devel & db5

Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Sat Jun 22 10:04:12 UTC 2013

I am trying to wean off as many programs as I can from versions of
Berkeley DB <5 on my system. In most cases I have been successful. Not
so much with "portupgrade-devel".

I placed this in the "/etc/make.conf" file and then rebuilt the port.

# Portupgrade-devel
.if $(.CURDIR:M*/ports-mgmt/portupgrade-devel)

The port still builds with db46.

pkg_info -r portupgrade-devel\*
Information for portupgrade-devel-20130617,3:

Depends on:
Dependency: libyaml-0.1.4_2
Dependency: openssl-1.0.1_8
Dependency: libffi-3.0.13
Dependency: libexecinfo-1.1_3
Dependency: ruby-,1
Dependency: ruby19-date2-4.0.19
Dependency: db46-
Dependency: ruby19-bdb-0.6.6_1

Is it possible to get the port to build with the db5 or not?

While I am at it, can I simply place this in the '/etc/make.conf" file:
"WITH_BDB_VER=5" and get any port that depends on Berkeley DB to build
with the db5 version? I believe that I have gotten all of the other
programs that depended on older versions of Berkeley DB upgraded.

Jerry ♔

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