hugin, not found

Rob Clark rpclark at
Sat Jun 22 07:28:51 UTC 2013

Cannot get hugin to work, 
I get the following:

$ hugin
/libexec/ Shared object ""not
found, required by "hugin" 

The only reference I could find close to this issue is on Greg Lehey's diary website,

Greg states, 
"There are 9 libraries in that directory, and (not
surprisingly) hugin requires them all: 
ldd /dereel/usr/local/bin/hugin /dereel/usr/local/bin/hugin: => not found (0) =>
not found (0) 

With some experimentation, discovered that
ldconfig didn't like the names, in particular the .0.0 at
the end. Change the name and it discovers them: ===
root at eureka (/dev/pts/13) /home/grog 11 ->
ln  /dereel/usr/local/lib/hugin//  /dereel/usr/local/lib/hugin/
=== root at eureka (/dev/pts/13) /home/grog 12 -> ldconfig
-32  -r /var/run/ search
directories: /dereel/usr/local/lib/hugin/ 0:-lhuginbase.0
=> /dereel/usr/local/lib/hugin//

But that doesn't help, because the executable is still
looking for the version with .0.0 at the end. Is this a bug
or a feature? It's certainly a pain."

I think Greg's objective was more pointed at 64 bit
compatibility.  Mine on the other hand is just getting
hugin to work in my 32bit environment.  

My system:
FreeBSD 8.3-STABLE #1: Wed May 30 20:15:48 EDT 2012,
i386, with fluxbox window manager.

It appears I have the same 9 files referenced by Greg for
# cd /usr/local/lib/hugin/ 
# ls                

Is hugin port broken, or is there possibly a fix for this
that I have missed?  Any help appreciated.

Thank you,

Rob Clark <rpclark at>

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