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Wed Jun 19 22:45:31 UTC 2013

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 12:26:40PM -0700, Cy Schubert wrote:
> In message <20130619141527.GA25228 at sh4-5.1blu.de>, Matthias Apitz writes:
> > El día Wednesday, June 19, 2013 a las 06:32:40AM -0700, Cy Schubert escribió:
> > 
> > > You don't understand. devel/imake is a fine piece of software but people do
> >  
> > > not want to install more software than they have to. net/vnc comes with 
> > > it's own integrated Xserver. Using this logic we should integrate 
> > > x11-servers/xorg into it too. Neither makes sense. The only reason to use 
> > > devel/imake is if net/vnc _installs_ its own imake, which it does not. 
> > > There's no reason to install more software just to build other software if 
> > > we don't need it. It's extra baggage.
> > 
> > I keep thinking, that _if_ there is already installed an imake, net/vnc
> > should make use of it and not try to build its own one; and most of the
> > users of net/vnc will have installed an X server before;
> Agreed.
> I doubt devel/imake would be any more successful though. I haven't looked 
> at it closely (less than a couple of minutes, so I may be wrong) but I 
> believe that OSMajorVersion may not be defined properly under 10.

Problem with imake is that it doesn't work with clang because it uses a
traditional cpp while clang's cpp does not support traditional mode, the port
right now has been "fixed" by making it use gcpp, which is not something we want
in long term as gcpp will be removed from base one day.

I'm working on devel/tradcpp and to make devel/imake use this version to fix the
situation, if some ports do bundle imake they will not benefit those fixes so it
will duplicate the work.

There is a reason while we do prefer undbundling things the main one is that the
bug fix and the compatibility patch, having to do them only once is less

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