Problem with pkg-config and porting

Rod Person rodperson at
Sun Jun 16 19:21:58 UTC 2013

On 06/16/13 15:17, Chris Rees wrote:
> I then changed LIB_DEPENDS to BUILD_DEPENDS and this installed
> and it built and installed dbus, freetype and cairo, even though I
> thought these were already installed since using the LIB_DEPENDS found them?
> I'll have to read up on these again.
> LIB_DEPENDS is OK for cairo, dbus and freetype because those are
> library names; they should not be used with BUILD_DEPENDS because that
> looks for the executables cario, dbus and freetype that don't exist.
> Since they don't exist, it tries to install the port again.
Ah...ok got it thanks!


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