Unable to print from firefox

Bernt Hansson bah at bananmonarki.se
Thu Jun 13 15:36:40 UTC 2013

On 2013-06-12 22:19, Warren Block wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Jun 2013, Warren Block wrote:
>> On Wed, 12 Jun 2013, Bernt Hansson wrote:
>>> What windowmanager do you use.
>>> Do you print with cups or lpr or both.
>>> Try reinstalling gtk.
>> Me too: Firefox used to print, now it just coredumps.  This is on
>> xfce4 and printing with lpr, the real one.
>> I will reinstall gtk and report back.
> No change after rebuilding x11-toolkits/gtk20, Firefox still dumps core
> very quickly after choosing File/Print.  I do have the cups client
> installed, something required it, but it is not configured.
What version of firefox do you use.

I'm running 15.0.1 att the office and firefox 21.0 at home

The office machine is amd64 8.3-STABLE home machine is i386 8.3-STABLE

Printing works without errors. Even with cups client installed.

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