Owncloud port update

Kevin Lo kevlo at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jun 12 14:16:44 UTC 2013

Frederic Culot wrote:
>> Thanks for your reply Frederic, that's great for FreeBSD owncloud
>> community users :)
> Well, there's nothing to be proud of here as we should have been much
> more reactive considering the number of vulnerabilities that were
> brought to light since last month.
> I just committed your update to owncloud 5.0.7, and I also filled an
> entry in vuxml to describe those vulnerabilities. Again, apologies to
> our "FreeBSD owncloud community users" and we will try to be more
> reactive next time.

Hi Frederic,

Thank you for taking care of it.  I'm sorry for not responding,
I've been so busy lately and haven't got time to update it.
Please feel free to update it if I haven't committed owncloud's PRs
in two days next time, thanks.

> Regards,
> Frederic


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