Owncloud port update

Frederic Culot culot at freebsd.org
Tue Jun 11 19:08:10 UTC 2013

Hi Loic,

> Hi all,
> i'm not the maintainer, but i send the pr since owncloud 5.0.0 to
> upgrade the port.
> The current port version is 5.0.5, which has many critical issues
> (security & stability).
> Since 3 days the the 5.0.7 is out. I have also sent a 5.0.6 patch 1
> month ago and the maintener seems to not be there.
> How can we speed up the port update process ? (i use 5.0.6 and now 5.0.7
> in production and all works perfect).

Thanks for submitting those updates. I assume kevlo@ has been busy
recently and was not able to take care of your PR. Being an owncloud
user myself I will be able to test your patches, and I will handle your
two PRs to update to 5.0.7 within the next couple of hours.


Kevin, as those updates fix critical vulnerabilities I prefer not to
wait for the usual timeout for ports/179494 so I could update to 5.0.7
in one shot, my apologies for that.

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