arts 1.5.10 deprecated

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Mon Jun 10 20:43:16 UTC 2013

Matthias Apitz writes:

>  > 	An attempt to rebuild this brought a message saying the port is
>  > deprecated due to dependency on qt3.
>  > 	Considering I have at least a dozen ports listed as
>  > dependencies - including gimp, sdl_*, and mplayer - what is the
>  Btw: I do not see that mplayer depends on qt3 stuff:
>  $ pkg_info -r mplayer-1.1.r20130308 | fgrep qt3
>  > recommended replacement?
>  In general, the answer will be: use qt4-* ports :-(

	As soon as a) I know what the equivalent is and b) it compiles
and runs.
	I am happy to know arts is an indirect dependency (probably
thought the sdl_*) and mplayer /et al./ will hopefully continue to
	Not happy I do not have the skill to disentangle this and know
for sure.

				Robert Huff

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