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Mon Jun 10 19:15:47 UTC 2013

El día Monday, June 10, 2013 a las 08:00:13AM -0400, Robert Huff escribió:

> 	An attempt to rebuild this brought a message saying the port is
> deprecated due to dependency on qt3.
> 	Considering I have at least a dozen ports listed as
> dependencies - including gimp, sdl_*, and mplayer - what is the

Btw: I do not see that mplayer depends on qt3 stuff:

$ pkg_info -r mplayer-1.1.r20130308 | fgrep qt3

> recommended replacement?

In general, the answer will be: use qt4-* ports :-(
The problem is, that for example KDE4 does not compile on recent CURRENT
and when support qt3-* will be dropped from our ports, KDE3 will be too;

concerning the problems see for example
and a lot of mails in the kde mailing list.

Highly concerned

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