inkscape aborts on FreeBSD 9.1 stable (SOLVED)

Koop Mast kwm at
Thu Jun 6 18:32:43 UTC 2013

On 6-6-2013 17:52, Sergio de Almeida Lenzi wrote:
> Hello....
> Iinkscape aborts on FreeBSD 9.1 stable
> It aborts core  Reasons:
> 1) inkscape 4.8.4 needs boehm-gc 7.2, ports have version 7.1)

I can't seem to produce the crash you mentioned. Can you give me some 
instructions so I can try to reproduce it?

> 2) needs a fix in extensions/extension.cpp (fix in the attach)
> Thanks for your attention

Mailing list software ate the patch, can you put the patch somewhere or 
not you can send it to me privately?

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