Pseudo-TTY Issues with FBSD 10 Snapshot?

Janky Jay jankyj at
Tue Jun 4 04:58:12 UTC 2013

So, I'm unsure if this is related to a difference in pseudo TTY's yet or
not, but I'm having a very strange issue that I've never encountered
before. Details as follows:

    Fresh install of FBSD 10
FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT #0: Mon
May 13 00:54:58 UTC 2013   
root at  amd64)

    I've installed XFCE4 and Fluxbox as a play-around/test WM along with
x11/aterm. Everything seems to be working perfectly aside from the fact
that I can no longer use the 'aterm' command. Any time I try to start an
instance of 'aterm', I get the following error:

aterm: ca't open pseudo-tty
aterm: aborting

    So, of course, my immediate reaction/thought is that I'm out of
TTY's. However, I'm only one user and there is only 2 TTY's being used
(my initial login and my X session). In the mean time, Xterm and rxvt
work perfectly fine. No errors, no issues. Is there something that has
changed with FBSD 10 regarding the Unix98 PTY support or something?
There are many people that don't seem to have this issue at all using
the same default snapshot. What am I missing here?

    As always, thanks in advance. I wouldn't mind switching terminal
emulators. I just find Aterm to have a ton of options for the size and
ease of use. I would certainly be disappointed if it were no longer
available for FBSD 10. :(

Janky Jay, III

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