Any update on PR www/172195: PR database corrupts patches?

Michael Gmelin freebsd at
Sat Jun 1 23:45:46 UTC 2013

On Sun, 2 Jun 2013 00:21:55 +0200
Eitan Adler <lists at> wrote:

> On 1 June 2013 20:03, Michael Gmelin <freebsd at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Since I'm about to file a PR containing a patch to a UTF-8 encoded
> > source file this [1] will hit me once again. Could anybody check if
> > there is a fix for this?
> I doubt this was fixed.   We are working on moving to a different bug
> system and this is where most of the focus lies now.

Wouldn't it make sense to close the PR right now, stating something
like "we're migrating to bug system XYZ and therefore won't fix this
problem, please send patches containing UTF-8 characters by linking to
an external site in the meantime"?.

On a different note, do you already know which bug system will be used
and when it will be deployed? Where would I find information about such
developments *early*? I spent over an hour last week explaining how
to file bugs / open PRs for FreeBSD to a colleague, walking him
through the process, hoping that he will contribute back his fixes in
the future - I would like to prevent such waste of time (and money, not
every contributor is a google summer of code college student) in the

Don't get me wrong, I think upgrading - and cleaning up - the
infrastructure is important and I really appreciate the innovation
that happened in the last 12-15 months, especially the hard work of
those making it happen. I just find myself puzzled trying to find the
current source of information at any given time, since it seems to be
scattered all over the place (wiki, website/RSS, mailing lists, blogs,
github, social networks etc.). This makes it harder to contribute for
people not familiar with the project and even those who (used to) know
it have a hard time sometimes.


Michael Gmelin

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