FreeBSD Port: pecl-APC-3.1.13

Andrey Chernov ache at
Thu Jan 31 10:23:53 UTC 2013

On 31.01.2013 13:48, Fabien Debuire wrote:
> Hello,
> I use this extension on several servers (4 with php5.4 and 2 with php5.3
> with the same configuration) and since you've update apc to 3.1.14 it stop
> working with some apps in php 5.3.
> My question is could you revert the version to 3.1.13 or could you use a
> non beta version (lastest is 3.1.9)

FYI, it works nicely with php 5.4 so far and have important bugfixes. I
must admit I don't use complex apps, just cache lots of scripts and user

We have two choices: track down your problem (preferred) or keep two
versions separately.

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