Status of devel/icu, or icu4c

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Wed Jan 30 06:45:26 UTC 2013

What is the status of devel/icu?

I see on that

ICU4J 50.1.1 released on 2012-Dec-17
ICU4C 50.1.2 released on 2013-Jan-16

I keep following daily, generally
somewhat after midnight UTC, and nothing on devel/icu since I saw the update
for NetBSD pkgsrc, whose updates I also follow daily somewhat after 
midnight UTC.

I checked devel/icu/distinfo, and the icu4c distfile is still on 50.1.1.

I'm concerned because the usr/ports/UPDATING file says all ports that depend
on devel/icu need to be rebuilt/updated.  Or is that due to a bump in the 
.so.49 -> .so.50 file that would not be affected by a minor version update
such as 50.1.1 to 50.1.2?


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