firefox port and FreeBSD 9.0 stable

Patrick Mackinlay patrick at
Thu Jan 24 22:58:07 UTC 2013


The latest firefox port (18.0.1) does not compile in FreeBSD 9 stable
(FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE). This is because the port patches the code in a way
to expect xlocale. In the patch files/patch-bug807492 there are the
following lines:

-#ifdef DARWIN
+#ifdef __FreeBSD__
+#include <osreldate.h>
+# if __FreeBSD_version > 900044
+#  define HAVE_XLOCALE
+# endif
 #include <xlocale.h>
-#endif /* DARWIN */
+#endif /* HAVE_XLOCALE */

This essentially expects xlocale for all FreeBSD versions later than
FreeBSD 9.0 release. However, xlocale was only added in FreeBSD 9.1, so
the port will not compile for all versions of FreeBSD between 9.0
release and 9.1 release. Changing the version check to 901000 fixed it
for me, however I dont know what the correct __FreeBSD_version should be
because the docs at:

were not up to date at the time of writing this email.


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