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Eitan Adler lists at
Tue Jan 22 21:44:56 UTC 2013

On 5 January 2013 05:40, Michael Grünewald <michaelgrunewald at> wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> thank you for your feedback!
> Mark Linimon wrote:
>> On Fri, Jan 04, 2013 at 11:11:54PM +0100, Michael Grünewald wrote:
>>> The PRs used to be listed by portsmon but I recently
>>> noticed they disappeared. [1]
>> portsmon is running off of a stale mirror of the database.   I keep
>> forgetting to go figure out the new mirror process.  I apologize.
> As I just told b.f., I could not figure out that the behaviour I
> observed was related to the security breach.
> In spite of me maintaining some ports FreeBSD since over 10 years now (I
> guess) I am not really aware of the handling of PRs.  Where can I read
> more about this workflow?

I gave a talk to NYCBUG about a year ago on this topic.

some links:
audio -
a somewhat outdated article -

I'm also happy to answer any questions.

At some point we need to write up a current and detailed PR workflow document.

Eitan Adler

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