CFT: building multimedia/vlc with clang on 9.1+

Juergen Lock nox at
Sat Jan 19 21:11:25 UTC 2013


 As having to depend on gcc 4.6+ on i386 is kindof a waste on 9.1+
where we have clang too, and clang might generate better code than
the old gcc 4.2.1 in base on amd64 anyway I thought what if we have
the vlc port default to using clang on 9.1+ when it's available?
So I propse the patch below for testing by anyone on 9.1 or later,
also on i386 where I can't test myself, please report any issues
or regressions you find.


Index: Makefile
RCS file: /home/pcvs/ports/multimedia/vlc/Makefile,v
retrieving revision 1.312
diff -u -p -r1.312 Makefile
--- Makefile	12 Jan 2013 20:25:57 -0000	1.312
+++ Makefile	19 Jan 2013 20:45:39 -0000
@@ -679,9 +679,16 @@ IGNORE=		base clang version too old, set
 CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--enable-altivec # VLC's config script doesn't know to do this
+# prefer clang on 9.1+
+.if (${OSVERSION} >= 901000) && exists(${DESTDIR}/usr/bin/clang)
+CC=	clang
+CXX=	clang++
+CPP=	clang-cpp
 .if ${ARCH} == "i386"
 USE_GCC?=	4.6+ # sse/3dnow detection on i386 needs newer gcc
 # End OS specific hacks

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