Current unassigned ports problem reports

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Mon Jan 14 11:06:03 UTC 2013

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/175285            Update mod_geoip2 from version 1.2.7 to 1.2.8
o ports/175284            [PATCH] devel/psvn: take maintainership and etc
o ports/175274            [NEW PORT] audio/linux-f10-libsndfile: Reading and wri
o ports/175271            [PATCH] japanese/lookup: take maintainership etc.
o ports/175266            port audio/libmtp is miscategorized: it should be sysu
o ports/175263            [Maintainer update] sysutils/qjail  new stuff added
o ports/175262            [MAINTAINER] audio/portaudio2: Changed UNIQUENAME to p
o ports/175256            Update devel/rbenv to 0.4.0
o ports/175253            ports llvm-3.2.src.tar.gz: size mismatch:
o ports/175251            portsnap  update is corrupt
o ports/175250            portsnap  update is corrupt
o ports/175248            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-ev: Ev is a PECL extension provi
o ports/175244            [UPDATE] fcitx-configtool to
o ports/175237            [MAINTAINER] www/typo3: Minor fix in Makefile
o ports/175234            update multimedia/qmmp, multimedia/qmmp-plugin-pack
o ports/175233            GC does not scan static roots in shared object
o ports/175229            x11-toolkit/swt-devel fails
o ports/175228            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-zookeeper: PHP extension for int
o ports/175221            Cannot Resume VirtualBox VMs Via VBoxHeadless
o ports/175219            www/yabb upgrade
f ports/175215            [PATCH] www/phalcon: update to 0.8.0
f ports/175201            [PATCH] mail/spamass-rules: update to 20120817
o ports/175198            New port: www/py-djangotoolbox - A common API for runn
o ports/175174            Update port: graphics/yed: new version 3.10.1
f ports/175162            [patch] lang/itcl -- update to 4.0.0
o ports/175143            [Maintainer] math/giacxcas update to
f ports/175141            [PATCH] games/uqm: Update to 0.7.0
o ports/175138            net/mediatomb: typo in startup dependency leads to wro
o ports/175127            New port: sysutils/zogftw creates redundant backups on
o ports/175124            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-ev: ev provides interface to lib
f ports/175121            devel/buildapp does not produce executable file
f ports/175116            [PATCH] www/trafficserver: update to 3.2.0
o ports/175115            [maintainer update] update lang/basic256 to
o ports/175113            devel/freeocl: Port revision PORTREVISION=1
o ports/175107            devel/opencl: bug in CL/cl_ext.h (upstream):
o ports/175103            [PATCH] security/unhide: update to 20121229
o ports/175095            [MAINTAINER] math/jakarta-commons-math3: update to 3.1
o ports/175090            wrong ports version
o ports/175078            devel/boost-libs fix Issue 6127
o ports/175068            [PATCH] net/proxychains: update to 4.4, take maintaine
o ports/175063            maintainer update: sysutils/torque
o ports/175057            [maintainer update] devel/ChipmunkPhysics bump from 6.
o ports/175049            deskutils/aspostit: Fix build with clang
o ports/175048            games/wmminichess: Fix build with clang
o ports/175047            sysutils/uptimed: Update to version 0.3.17
o ports/175046            mail/pgpsendmail: Fix build with clang
o ports/175045            games/jzip: Fix build with clang
o ports/175044            misc/xd: Fix build with clang
o ports/175043            games/super_methane_brothers: Update to version 1.5.1
o ports/175042            games/wmtictactoe: Fix build with clang
o ports/175041            games/starlanes: Fix build with clang
o ports/175040            textproc/dixit: Update to version 11.11
o ports/175039            net-mgmt/wide-dhcp: Fix build with clang
o ports/175038            editors/xvile: Update to version 9.8i
o ports/175037            audio/ifp-line: Update to version 0.3
o ports/175036            net-im/icb: Fix build with clang
o ports/175035            games/wmshuffle: Fix build with clang
o ports/175034            biology/povchem: Fix build with clang
o ports/175033            editors/vile: Update to version 9.8i
o ports/175032            x11-clocks/mlclock: Fix buils with clang
o ports/175031            devel/newt: Update to version 0.52.14
o ports/175030            sysutils/linrename: Update to version 2.22.2
o ports/175029            devel/ace: Update to version 6.1.7
o ports/175028            devel/rudiments: Update to version 0.40
o ports/175027            devel/lpc21isp: Update to version 1.85
o ports/175026            misc/wmfirew: Fix build with clang
o ports/175025            benchmarks/libmicro: Update to version 0.4.1
o ports/175024            databases/typhoon: Fix build with clang
o ports/175023            devel/flick: Update MASTER_SITES
o ports/175022            science/linsmith: Fix build with clang
o ports/175021            textproc/align: Update to version 1.7.2
o ports/175020            math/gri: Update to version 2.12.23
o ports/175019            cad/impact: Update to version
o ports/175018            devel/fhist: Fix build with clang
o ports/175017            games/xlife: Update to version 6.5.5
o ports/175016            graphics/evolvotron: Update to version 0.6.2
o ports/175015            math/snns: Fix build with clang
o ports/175014            biology/phyml: Update to version 20121109
o ports/175013            misc/aclgen Fix build with clang
o ports/175012            emulators/prodosemu: Fix build with clang
o ports/175011            multimedia/2mandvd: Update to version 1.8.4
o ports/175010            benchmarks/flops: Fix build with clang
o ports/175008            multimedia/gstream-plugins-soundtouch C++ compiler err
o ports/175007            [PATCH] graphics/xsane: OptionsNG, ajdust dependencies
o ports/175000            comms/deforaos-phone upgrade to 0.3.11
o ports/174999            multimedia/deforaos-player patch for respecting PREFIX
o ports/174998            deskutils/deforaos-todo patch for respecting PREFIX
o ports/174997            print/deforaos-pdfviewer patch for respecting PREFIX
f ports/174996            patch for multimedia/xbmc headless mode
o ports/174995            audio/deforaos-mixer patch for respecting PREFIX
o ports/174994            mail/deforaos-mailer upgrade to 0.1.6
o ports/174993            www/deforaos-surfer patch for respecting PREFIX
o ports/174992            editors/deforaos-editor patch for respecting PREFIX
f ports/174990            x11/deforaos-locker patch for respecting PREFIX
o ports/174988            New port: net/tclsoap
o ports/174982            New port: print/qpdf Command-line tools for transformi
o ports/174981            [new port] security/revealrk 1.0.1
o ports/174976            virtualbox 4.2.6: VNC not working
o ports/174975            Latest virtualbox-ose-kmod 4.2.6 commit (309876) break
o ports/174968            virtualbox: CAM lockup when using more than one disk
f ports/174967            Update games/sumwars to 0.5.6
o ports/174960            sysutils/fusefs-ntfs mkntfs fails because of "no block
o ports/174956            security/sguil-client, port update
o ports/174954            New port: security/php-openid-ldap, a PHP-based OpenID
o ports/174951            [PATCH] games/vamos: added OptionsNG, icon, desktop en
o ports/174947            [new port] ftp/php5-dav, php5 webdav module, allowing 
o ports/174944            security/ssl-admin: Update to 1.0.5, remove depend
o ports/174940            [new port]: misc/valspeak, a filter that converts Engl
o ports/174939            audio/timidity++*: fix LDFLAGS
f ports/174913            [patch] update games/gemrb 0.7.1 to 0.7.2
o ports/174911            [PATCH] cad/leocad: update to 0.79.1, take maintainers
o ports/174901            [NEW PORT] cad/ldraw: LDraw parts library
f ports/174898            graphics/openimageio: pkg: (openimageio-1.1.2) /usr/lo
o ports/174883            databases/grass: cut: ../dist.amd64-portbld-freebsd10.
o ports/174870            [PATCH] cad/qfsm: Changed comment, options, do-install
o ports/174867            irc/unreal: Port Update to UnrealIRCD
o ports/174863            [PATCH] cad/xcircuit: update to 3.7.46,1, take maintai
o ports/174862            [PATCH] chinese/scim-pinyin: update to 0.5.92, take ma
f ports/174860            [PATCH] ports-mgmt/porttools, ports-mgmt/portlint: Swi
o ports/174856            [NEW PORT]: sysutils/jail2 - another jail rc-script, t
o ports/174844            [PATCH] cad/electric-ng: update to 9.03, take maintain
o ports/174841            graphics/sane-frontends fails to build
f ports/174836            [PATCH] sysutils/isomd5sum: update to 1.0.7
o ports/174823            [MAINTAINER] print/fontforge: update freetype2 version
o ports/174819            games/exult: Update to 1.4.9
o ports/174815            [PATCH] print/cups-base: Fixed 3 fatal errors, icons, 
f ports/174803            irc/ircd-ratbox package assembly failure WITH_SERVICES
o ports/174798            audio/soundtracker: request to add system menu item/en
o ports/174795            x11-toolskits/open-motif: Installing open-motif-2.3.4.
o ports/174794            [new port]: devel/libpo6 POSIX wrappers for C++
o ports/174793            [new port]: devel/cityhash Family of hash functions
f ports/174788            www/squid32 fails to build when heimdal 1.5.2 installe
f ports/174785            [PATCH] security/libntlm: update to 1.3
f ports/174779            [update]: mail/dovecot2 added support FTS clucene
f ports/174778            [new port]: textproc/clucene2 CLucene is a C++ port of
f ports/174764            [patch] upgrade databases/postgis to 1.5.8 (fixes comp
f ports/174753            change to devel/boost-libs causes adverse effects
o ports/174750            [NEW PORT] games/rocksndiamonds-data: Additional Playe
o ports/174747            [NEW PORT] games/rnd_jue: Colorful Boulderdash'n'Emera
o ports/174746            Segmentation fault in security/prelude-lml
f ports/174742            mail/mailfront: patch update to mailfront-1.21
f ports/174741            www/drupal7 7.16 -> 7.18
o ports/174734            [NEW PORT] databases/p5-DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Authe
o ports/174732            security/fwknop Port Update
f ports/174718            Port x11-wm/fvwm-crystal website
o ports/174705            New port: devel/php5-ice
o ports/174701            [patch] update games/minecraft-client to 1.4.6
f ports/174678            [PATCH] sysutils/usbhotkey: update to 0.4
o ports/174674            New port: devel/awscli - Universal Command Line Interf
o ports/174669            Is INDEXFILE out of date?
o ports/174667            Proposal for a new port: sysutils/ksysguardd3 (KDE3 ks
o ports/174656            New port: audio/gtmixer Gtk2.0 graphical mixer
o ports/174655            japanese/mutt-devel: mutt ja patch new version release
o ports/174654            [NEW PORT] sysutils/rsyslog7: Syslogd supporting SQL, 
o ports/174653            [NEW PORT] sysutils/liblognorm: tool to normalize log 
o ports/174650            Xfce4 crash with exaGetPixmapFirstPixel called for inv
o ports/174647            [NEW PORT] net/infinispan: Open source highly scalable
o ports/174622            Update games/minecraft-client to 1.4.6
o ports/174621            Update games/minecraft-server to Version 1.4.6
f ports/174620            Upgraded Port  databases/postgis Adds support for geog
o ports/174611            benchmarks/netperfmeter port update to version 1.3.0
o ports/174609            net/rsplib port update to version 3.0.1
o ports/174592            security/sguil-sensor, port update
o ports/174591            security/sguil-server, update port
f ports/174590            sysutils/bsdadminscripts : install broken
f ports/174583            devel/libreadline-java: patch for UTF8 support
o ports/174567            [PATCH]: Fix mxml linking on amd64
f ports/174553            editors/tea fails to upgrade from 'tea-33.3.0' to 'tea
f ports/174547            [UPDATE]: devel/universalindentgui Update to new relea
o ports/174540            www/linkchecker: update to 8.2
o ports/174539            net-mgmt/fprobe rc script patch
o ports/174523            [maintainer] net/hornetq: update and build from source
f ports/174487            mail/notmuch fails to build during portupgrade
f ports/174482            [PATCH]: x11/slim Fix PAM error handling
f ports/174457            [update] www/luakit to 2012.09.13-r1
f ports/174418            [MAINTAINER] mail/ovs: update to 1.05
o ports/174368            New port: lang/nimrod The Nimrod programming language.
o ports/174342            [NEW PORT] irc/shirk: Modular IRC bot based on the Twi
o ports/174338            [patch] multimedia/mkvtoolsnix: update to 5.9.0
o ports/174308            [] cyrus-sasl-2.1.25_2 will not compile
o ports/174306            [maintainer] news/nzbget: update to 9.0
f ports/174303            [PATCH] Update devel/libgta to version 1.0.4
o ports/174289            net/ssvnc build fails - configure: error: /usr/bin/cpp
o ports/174286            x11/xorg-server fails to compile with Clang
f ports/174246            [PATCH] audio/libdssialsacompat: Fixed download
f ports/174237            databases/php5-redis - zAdd does not set the correct s
f ports/174153            emulators/fceux: update to 2.2.0
f ports/174149            net-mgmt/nfdump configure fails
o ports/174131            net/citrix_ica: Update port to
f ports/174129            [Maintainer-Update] print/cups-bjnp to latest
f ports/174118            graphics/pecl-gmagick
o ports/174103            [NEW PORT] lang/ruby20: An object-oriented interpreted
o ports/174099            [PATCH] misc/wmweather+: update to 2.13, take maintain
o ports/174093            games/odamex: update to 0.6.1
o ports/174080            net/ssmping fix
o ports/174069            [PATCH] misc/explosions: OptionsNG, added categories, 
o ports/174057            [PATCH] misc/cmatrix: OptionsNG, added license, mtx.pc
o ports/174030            [patch] emulators/kqemu-kmod*: create sys symlink prop
o ports/174022            [PATCH] games/gnurobots: Added OptionsNG, license, des
f ports/174021            Port sysutils/coreutils won't build when NLS is disabl
f ports/174018            Can't disable security/sshguard -b option
o ports/174015            [PATCH] finance/venice: update to 0.751beta, take main
o ports/173998            textproc/xalan-c from version 1.10 to 1.11
f ports/173996            Add support for net-mgmt/flow-tools-ng
o ports/173953            New port: net/u6rd User-space 6rd (RFC 5569) implement
o ports/173910            [PATCH] games/robocode: update to, take mainta
o ports/173888            [NEW PORT] games/sudoku-sensei: Enjoy playing with Sud
o ports/173882            [PATCH] games/xsc: Changed Comment, added Deskop entri
o ports/173881            [NEW PORT] games/vodovod: Cross-platform pipe connecti
o ports/173880            [PATCH] games/pipenightdreams: Added Portdoss, Desktop
o ports/173879            [NEW PORT] games/randomshooter: Destroy as many enemie
o ports/173875            [PATCH] games/cuyo: update to 2.0.0,1, Added License, 
f ports/173865            devel/boost-all: let Boost to use proper toolset with 
f ports/173858            sysutils/bsdadminscripts installs pkg_libchk that does
o ports/173751            [PATCH] multimedia/gxmms update to 0.3.0
o ports/173750            [PATCH] multimedia/motion fix bktr
o ports/173743            Fix build problem for mplayer/mencoder when DEBUG opti
f ports/173726            [patch] games/stonesoup
f ports/173638            net-mgmt/nagios_plugins [PATCH] Revised 
f ports/173624            net/quagga bgpd man page missing option "--no_kernel"
o ports/173618            [NEW PORT] games/blobandconquer: 3D shooter with some 
o ports/173615            textproc/db2latex 0.8p1_1 has bad xls [patch]
o ports/173590            New ports: textproc/fcitx-m17n and vietnamese/fcitx-un
o ports/173581            new port submission, security/sagan
f ports/173575            Fix devel/boost-python-libs with python-3.2
o ports/173574            [NEW PORT] www/pecl-solr: An Apache Solr PHP extension
o ports/173567            [NEW PORT] www/download-gemist
o ports/173559            "portmaster math/lp_solve" fails when run from normal 
o ports/173558            conflicting hdf5 when first installing graphics/openim
o ports/173544            [new port] devel/liblognorm, a log normalizer
o ports/173543            ucarp / vlan interfaces
o ports/173542            [PATCH] graphics/fracplanet: take maintainership, Make
o ports/173534            [NEW PORT] games/wizznic: Implementation of the arcade
o ports/173533            mpd5 PPTP server race condition with some clients
o ports/173526            xscreensaver rapidly fills Xorg.0.log with (II) lines 
f ports/173517            comms/spandsp-devel lacks build dependency for xsltpro
o ports/173505            java/java3d does not compile
o ports/173493            [NEW PORT] games/blobwars: Mission and Objective based
f ports/173490            www/squid32 - missing kerberos helper
f ports/173489            [PATCH] databases/mysqltuner: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
o ports/173464            [PATCH] emulators/linux-pete-mesagpu: update to 1.77, 
o ports/173463            [PATCH] emulators/linux-peops-softgpu: update to 1.18,
o ports/173462            [PATCH] emulators/linux-pete-xgl2gpu: update to 2.9, t
o ports/173457            [NEW PORT] games/edgar: 2D platform game with a persis
f ports/173446            lang/polyml: segfaults on startup on amd64
o ports/173438            lang/tuareg-mode.el
f ports/173437            japanese/ddskk installation fails
o ports/173436            [MAINTAINER] games/mopesnake: Makefile changed, added 
o ports/173431            [MAINTAINER] games/madbomber: Makefile changed, added 
o ports/173427            [MAINTAINER] games/iceicepenguin: Makefile changed, ad
f ports/173412            failed to install lang/gnat-aux
o ports/173402            [MAINTAINER] emulators/swine: Normal download from Git
o ports/173397            [MAINTAINER] games/defendguin: Makefile changed, added
f ports/173369            math/gnuplot+: avoid conflicts with math/gnuplot
o ports/173368            [PATCH] games/glmaze: OptionsNG, changed Makefile, add
f ports/173362            devel/ocaml-calendar Update to 2.03.2
o ports/173356            [MAINTAINER] games/blockrage: Changed Makefile, added 
o ports/173355            [MAINTAINER] games/black-box: Makefile changed, added 
o ports/173354            [MAINTAINER] games/barbie_seahorse_adventures: Makefil
o ports/173352            [PATCH] games/gtkatlantic: OptionsNG, changed Makefile
o ports/173351            [PATCH] games/4stattack: OptionsNG, Makefile simplifie
o ports/173350            [PATCH] games/ppracer: OptionsNG, Makefile changed, ta
o ports/173347            [MAINTAINER] games/BillardGL: Changed Makefile, added 
o ports/173346            [MAINTAINER] games/netwalk: Changed Makefile, added De
o ports/173345            [MAINTAINER] games/nelly: Changed Makefile,, 
o ports/173335            [PATCH] games/xarchon: OptionsNG, changed Makefile, pk
o ports/173314            [PATCH] graphics/comix: OptionsNG, changed Makefile, p
o ports/173282            New port: security/keepassx2 Cross Platform Password M
o ports/173271            [MAINTAINER] games/kye: Fixed distfiles for Distilator
o ports/173253            [] Fix some broken links
o ports/173241            devel/pmd fails to install
f ports/173230            sysutils/parallel 20121022 complains about defined(@ar
o ports/173194            [new port] java/eclipse-birt: BIRT plugin for Eclipse 
f ports/173191            lang/squeak: invalid dependency.
o ports/173188            [PATCH] games/wordplay: Makefile changed, OptionsNG, t
o ports/173184            [PATCH] games/abe: Makefile changed, removed pkg-plist
o ports/173179            [PATCH] games/aop: Makefile changed, OptionsNG, take m
o ports/173176            [PATCH] games/lmarbles: Makefile changed, OptionsNG, t
o ports/173164            [MAINTAINER] devel/mingw32-gcc: update to 4.7.2
f ports/173131            www/openbravoerp: remove tomcat55 dependency (eol soon
o ports/173112            [update] multimedia/qmmp support 4 ports of ffmpeg
o ports/173079            [NEW PORT] databases/pyspatialite Python interface to 
o ports/173034            update to security/kpcli v. 1.5, .kdbx support added
o kern/173030             [atf] [patch] emulators/open-vm-tools: fix clang compi
o ports/172982            [UPDATE] audio/linnya: update to 2.3.0
o ports/172981            [NEW PORT] devel/allegro-devel5: Cross-platform librar
o ports/172967            asterisk-gui port for asterisk 1.6 to asterisk 11
o ports/172964            USE_GITHUB feature not fully implemented
o ports/172950            [PATCH] irc/psybnc update to 2.4-BETA1
o ports/172944            [NEW PORT] games/oneisenough: Economic development in 
o ports/172943            [PATCH] security/pear-Auth_PrefManager: update to 1.2.
o ports/172941            [PATCH] security/pam_ssh_agent_auth: update to 0.9.4
o ports/172934            [PATCH] games/whichwayisup: Makefile changed, OptionsN
o ports/172917            textproc/syck: LuaYAML-Testcases test-suite for lua ex
o ports/172887            [PATCH] games/nuclearchess: Makefile changed, OptionsN
o ports/172885            New port: misc/fbless text-mode fb2 books reader
o ports/172863            [NEW PORT] net/pjsip: Multimedia communication library
f ports/172837            lang/swi-pl compiles with databases/libiodbc
f ports/172800            [PATCH] fix build/install for audio/hydrogen
o ports/172793            maintainer: copy net/xrdp to net/xrdp-devel, update to
o ports/172780            New port: net/afpfs-ng an Apple Filing Protocol client
o ports/172777            New port: net/libnfs a client library for accessing NF
o ports/172775            New port: audio/libshairport a library for Airport Ext
f ports/172750            graphics/luminance does not compile if graphics/libraw
o ports/172745            The port sessreg does not compile in 9.1-PRERELEASE #2
o ports/172716            emulators/tpm-emulator: Update to version 0.7.4
f ports/172713            ports-mgmt/portbuilder hangs building x11/xorg on i386
f ports/172707            Fix sysutils/ipmitool build on big endian architecture
o ports/172696            [new port][patch] databases/mysq56
o ports/172688            audio/gmpc 11.8.16: playback buttons don't have icons
o ports/172628            cannot build ports/INDEX
f ports/172595            New port: net-p2p/pushpoold bitcoin push-mining pool s
o ports/172547   fails when DESTDIR is set
f ports/172477            [UPDATE] www/wordpress: Trim the headers
f ports/172473            Fix for broken net/libtrace port
f ports/172441            chinese/fcitx should be in 'textproc' instead of 'chin
o ports/172439            [New Port] chinese/fcitx-table-yonh: Pinyin-like input
o ports/172416            Building multimedia/mplayer on 9.1-PRERELEASE errors w
o ports/172361            lang/gnustep-base fail to configure with clang
f ports/172353            multimedia/mencoder does not build with clang on amd64
o ports/172331            [PATCH] games/castlevox: Makefile changed, OptionsNG, 
o ports/172319            [MAINTAINER] www/MT,russian/MT: update to 5.2
f ports/172272            www/speedtest-mini - port not working
o ports/172168            [new port] comms/libdlo: the basis for the DisplayPort
f ports/172147            sysutils/isomd5sum build fails with clang
f ports/172141            [PATCH] deskutils/q4wine: update to 0.121, OptionsNG, 
f ports/172139            www/squid31
f ports/171950            devel/tnt: include/tnt/tnt_sparse_matrix_csr.h:97:3: e
o ports/171945            sysutils/fusefs-smbnetfs crash since fusefs-libs updat
o ports/171932            wrong excutable program installed in ports/biology/mop
o ports/171921            New port: devel/ocltools:
f ports/171917            databases/mantis: Database query failed. Error receive
o ports/171912            [NEW PORT] devel/pear-channel-phpdoc: PEAR channel pea
f ports/171903            net-mgmt/observium port should only provide dependenci
f ports/171893            [BUG] sysutils/ezjail: ezjail_admin update -b (Cannot 
f ports/171886            [PATCH] multimedia/gpac-mp4box: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES]
f ports/171878            textproc/libsphinxclient port is incompatible with sph
o ports/171870            [NEW PORT] games/visualspell: Challenges players to us
o ports/171869            [NEW PORT] games/multiplik12: Educational game for lea
o ports/171868            [new port] net/remotebox: Open Source VirtualBox Clien
o ports/171855            [NEW PORT] net-mgmt/node-statsd - Simple daemon for ea
f ports/171850            Misleading pkg install option in sysutils/fusefs-kmod
f ports/171849            databases/postgis: port switches compiler! GCC -> CLAN
f ports/171818            Please add option for Python-integration to sysutils/b
o ports/171801            www/sams: Problem with creating MySQL database from sq
o ports/171792            patch: allow games/xmille to select starting player ra
o ports/171768            [UPDATE] devel/libffi: update to 3.0.11
o ports/171760            New port: cad/sweethome3d
o ports/171735            [NEW PORT] editors/py31-loook-devel: Simple Python too
o ports/171734            [NEW PORT] editors/py27-loook: Simple Python tool that
f ports/171707            multimedia/mplayer: i386 clang build error
o ports/171675            [NEW PORT] games/cocos2d: Framework for building 2D ga
o ports/171674            [NEW PORT] audio/alure: Utility library to help manage
f ports/171605            net-mgmt/netams 3.4.5 compilation error
o ports/171603            [NEW PORT] games/py27-dcross: Blocks fall from the top
o ports/171602            [NEW PORT] games/py27-cargocarrier: Collect cargo crat
o ports/171576            [NEW PORT] games/py27-bombz: Simple 2D puzzle game wit
o ports/171559            [NEW PORT] games/airstrike: 2d biplane dogfight game
o ports/171552            [NEW PORT] games/traingame: Game about Trains
f ports/171539            [patch] net-mgmt/nrpe2 small fixes
f ports/171523            [PATCH] devel/boost-libs: Allow building using Clang, 
o ports/171486            [NEW PORT] games/help_hannahs_horse: Pacman with a fas
o ports/171431            [NEW PORT] games/asteroid: Modern version of the arcad
o ports/171429            [NEW PORT] games/pyspacewar: Two ships duel in a gravi
o ports/171398            [PATCH] devel/pecl-inclued: update to 0.1.3,1
o ports/171392            [NEW PORT] games/py27-super_mario_bros_python: Clone o
o ports/171391            [NEW PORT] games/py27-pytowerdefense: Tower Defense Ga
f ports/171388            news/hellanzb doesn't work anymore since Fbsd 9.0
o ports/171378            New port: x11-wm/herbstluftwm Manual tiling window man
o ports/171344 ports      pkg_add -r xorg fails for freebsd 9 system
f ports/171338            both databases/mariadb-scripts and databases/mariadb-s
o ports/171332            [NEW PORT] games/py27-pythonsudoku: Text and graphical
o ports/171323            [NEW PORT] games/hitori: Logic game similar to Sudoku
o ports/171237            [NEW PORT] games/schiff: Steer your ship(s) with the k
o ports/171236            [NEW PORT] games/schwarzweiss: Tank game for 2 players
f ports/171231            audio/clementine-player starts only at the second time
o ports/171224            [NEW PORT] games/bouncy: You are a hungry rabbit. Eat 
o ports/171176            new port: net/winexe
f ports/171160            sysutils/loganalyzer depends on php5
s ports/171153            new version available for net-mgmt/coovachilli
o ports/171149            new port: textproc/imsettings - a framework manages in
o ports/171106            New Port: net/jdownloader - Download manager (java)
o ports/171079            graphics/rawtherapee hangs x11
o ports/171019            [new port] science/isis3: USGS ISIS3 planetary mapping
o ports/171017            [new port] astro/cspice: New scientific port: NASA/NAI
o ports/170941            [NEW PORT] games/brickout: A ball-and-paddle game wher
o ports/170939            [NEW PORT] games/popstar: Simple puzzle game involving
o ports/170918            [NEW PORT] games/entombed: A one- or two-player maze g
o ports/170887            [NEW PORT] games/fightorperish: A dungeon-crawling gam
f ports/170882            sysutils/bacula-server - Feature Request - Change sysc
o ports/170836            [NEW PORT] games/agendaroids: Vector-based rock-shooti
o ports/170819            New port: net-mgmt/UniFi UniFi Wireless Controller
o ports/170695            sysutils/fusefs-ntfs - instant reboot when mv from UFS
o ports/170662            [NEW PORT] devel/pymunk: A easy-to-use pythonic 2d phy
o ports/170661            [NEW PORT] graphics/py27-pyglet-devel: Cross-platform 
f ports/170641            x11-toolkits/open-motif: need mkcatdefs utility
f ports/170616            gpk-update-viewer
o ports/170569            sysutils/sec does not start automatically at boot time
f ports/170542            sysutils/bsdadminscripts does not build correctly in m
f ports/170538            x11-wm/enlightenment build breaks
f ports/170537            devel/libftdi seems broken on i386 and amd64
o ports/170490            fix port: math/proofgeneral
o ports/170448            [NEW PORT] devel/allegro5: Allegro 5 is a game program
f ports/170381            x11/slim window manager gives dbus errors starting xfc
f ports/170366            lang/libobjc2: update to 1.6.1
f ports/170357            net-mgmt/tcptrack Segmentation fault (core dumped)
f ports/170344            [UPDATE] net/tcpflow: update to 1.2.8, take maintainer
f ports/170339            www/node: segmentation violation in v8::internal::Hand
o ports/170241            [PATCH] devel/libftdi: upgrade to 0.20 and fix automak
f ports/170186            Update sysutils/modules to version 3.2.9
o ports/170185            sysutils/mgeupsd not correctly works.
f ports/170150            games/uhexen2: Update to version 1.5.3
f ports/170100            astro/orsa: version 0.7.0 in ports hopelessly outdated
o ports/170000            emulators/vmware-tools6: Can not install VMware Tools 
f ports/169876            devel/flyspray: Strict Standards: Non-static method Fl
o ports/169741            [new port] devel/visualparadigm
f ports/169716            net-mgmt/ndpmon several problems with build and instal
o ports/169628            sysutils/devcpu-data
f ports/169613            security/botan: Fix ECDSA for dns/powerdns and maybe o
f ports/169521            astro/weatherspect: Exiting with SIGUse of uninitializ
o ports/169519            [net/cvsup] socksify and cvsup cannot be used together
o ports/169492            [new port] databases/pecl-sqlite must be restored
o ports/169371            port graphics/sane-backends segfaults
f ports/169333            [PATCH] sysutils/syslog-ng2: move sample config to EXA
o ports/169322            New port: net/armsd: SMFv2/ARMS Service Adapter daemon
f ports/169165            sysutils/fusefs-kmod: calling fchown(2) on sshfs files
f ports/169032            Update net-im/qutim port to 0.3.0
f ports/168935            www/firefox-remote shares PORTNAME with www/firefox
o ports/168926            Second '' out of range 0..59 at security/snort-r
o ports/168861            devel/tkcvs: tkdiff no longer runs correctly
o ports/168671            [exp-run] Make devel/cmake and devel/cmake-gui not use
o ports/168647            Remove trailing spaces from all ports-related files
s ports/168486            [PATCH] www/sams, warnings "strftime() [function.strft
f ports/168466            [PATCH] www/sams, web-interface, needs GetHostnameSam.
f ports/168407            [patch] lang/gauche: update to, unbreak
o ports/168404            [NEW PORT] databases/dev-sqlite3: This is a developmen
o ports/168328            [REPOCOPY] devel/codeblocks --> devel/codeblocks-devel
f ports/168319            graphics/qiviewer: Not displaying image jpeg
o ports/168266            New port: sysutils/logstash (log monitoring and collec
o ports/168215            [PATCH] print/scribus-devel: update to 1.5.0 svn
f ports/168161            [PATCH] sysutils/conky: update to 1.9.0
f ports/168160            ports-mgmt/jailaudit doesn't return a non-0 exit code 
o ports/168114            [NEW PORT] games/duckmaze: A game about a duck that is
s ports/167955            [update] graphics/tinyows: Fix dependency to postgis
f ports/167953            devel/pecl-xhprof patch for single core cpu
f ports/167950            databases/memcachedb does not work on 10-CURRENT
o ports/167759            [New Ports] x11-wm/e17-modules-ecomorph and x11-wm/eco
f ports/167691            security/heimdal: problem compiling kerberos/heimdal
f ports/167352            New port: devel/py-repoze.lru
f ports/167090            sysutils/ezjail: Invalid command line option in ezjail
f ports/167074            New Port: www/drupal7-ldap
o ports/167042            New port: net-p2p/tahoe-lafs
f ports/167031            security/heimdal ignore environment after process call
f ports/166987            net/nss_ldap: ports/152982 causes nss_ldap to not func
o ports/166826            New port: misc/libphidget The driver for Phidgets devi
o ports/166812            New port: mail/bounceHammer
o ports/166522            lang/f77: Fortran 77 compiler always exits with error 
f ports/166417            rc script for net/delegate (ports)
o ports/166006            Problem with mail/postfix and mail/mailman integration
f ports/166004            www/squid31 3.1.19 crashes on first request
o ports/165713            New port: net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent-Task-NetDi
o ports/165711            New port: net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent-Task-SNMPQ
f ports/165672            sysutils/bacula-server doesn't install all symlinks ne
o ports/165586            New port german/lx-office-erp, sql-ledger fork with ex
o ports/165565            New port: www/mod_auth_token Token-based authenticatio
f ports/165361            x11-wm/e17-module-mem counts memory incorrectly
f ports/164941            [UPDATE] [NEW PORTS] jamvm/classpath w/o jdk
o ports/164306            update mail/mailagent to 3.1.77 and utmpx fix
o ports/164197            smsd(comms/smstools3) doesn't read some configurations
o ports/164060            net/ucarp doesn't work on FreeBSD 9.0-PRERELEASE
o ports/164055            sysutils/zfs-periodic: Test if scrubbing is in process
o ports/163955            input packet for interface are counted twice
o ports/163850            New port: cad/linux-bricscad
a ports/163665            [New Port]: devel/gerrit - Web based code review and p
f ports/163126            security/sshguard changed from syslog.conf to daemon b
o bin/162681              pkg_add(1): new installer does not add doc packages
o ports/162607            little correction for comms/smstools3
o ports/162045            print/ghostview 1.5_2 coredumps on certain files
f ports/161690            New port: games/prboom-plus Port of ID Software's Doom
o ports/161578            devel/strace is not working
f ports/161278            net/dante: getoutaddr(): address [...] selected, but n
f ports/161070            infinite loop for graphics/xfig on 9.0-CURRENT
s ports/160993            New port: security/sqlcipher
f ports/159242            New port: sysutils/fuse-zip FUSE filesystem to mount Z
f ports/159177            sysutils/muse on 8.2-STABLE
o ports/159003            devel/cross-gcc attempts to use $PRFIX/../../ranlib on
o ports/158983            [NEW PORT] devel/pecl-dtrace: PHP DTrace provider
o ports/157544            Updates for databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-*
a ports/157504            [new port] net-mgmt/zenpack-NetApp: Provides monitorin
o ports/157107            conflict between mail/p5-Mail-SPF and mail/libspf2
o ports/156834            New port: games/fairymax-devel latest version of games
o ports/155941            net/nepenthes: mwserv library support is not included 
f ports/155898            Update port devel/libthai
f ports/155115            devel/doxygen: dependancy loop
o ports/154352            [patch] multimedia/xmms: update using desktop and mime
f ports/154118            graphics/ruby-rmagick: rmagick fails to automaticly re
o ports/151747            new port: emulators/wine-fbsd64: request for (a variat
o ports/151280            emulators/vmware-guestd6 port install error in /usr/po
o ports/150425            www/squid31: rc.d/squid's squid_fib setting ineffectiv
o ports/148996            net/cvsup-mirror doesn't use preassigned UID/GIDs
o ports/147788            x11-drivers/xf86-video-radeonhd-devel
o ports/103751            databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-sqlplus: ldconfig

502 problems total.

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