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Fri Jan 11 11:55:21 UTC 2013

On Thu, 10 Jan 2013 17:24:27 -0700 (MST)
Warren Block articulated:

> On Thu, 10 Jan 2013, Jeffrey Bouquet wrote:
> > BTW portmanager was excellent the for the first few years.  One
> > could begin an update, then cntl-c after a few minutes when it
> > actually began building ports, and up in the terminal would be a
> > concise list of what needed to be installed or upgraded.  Later,
> > its results were inaccurate (did not find installed ports...). It
> > would serve many well if someone were to rewrite if for the present
> > ports structure IMHO.  (That was for just one of its usages that I
> > used a lot, the others I was still using portupgrade or a
> > custom .sh script, for those fifty percent or so of the time in
> > which I did not simply permit portmanager to complete the task.)
> portupgrade -na does that also.  That and portupgrade's -R function 
> (rebuild everything that the named port depends on, and then the
> named port) are the only thing I miss in portmaster.

I loved "portmanager". It fixed problems that "portupgrade" missed or
botched and that "portmaster" simply chocked on. It was in my opinion a
real shame when Michael Shultz gave up development of the application
and no one else had the expertise to continue on with its development.
I had actually done a little BETA work on his early releases and was
informed of where he wanted to take the project. Written in 'C', it
didn't require any other libraries or languages to be installed. A
real "light weight" yet "heavy duty" management tool.

Jerry ♔

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