portupgrade/portversion and detecting lower versions

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Wed Jan 9 12:13:46 UTC 2013


I regulary use portversion to check if I have outdated ports installed.
Since some time I'm now getting false matches:

> portversion -v | grep '<'
horde-imp-6.0.2             <  needs updating (port has 4.3.11_1,1)  
(=> 'mail/horde3-imp')
horde-ingo-3.0.1            <  needs updating (port has 1.2.6_1,1) (=>  
horde-kronolith-4.0.2       <  needs updating (port has 2.3.6_1,1) (=>  

Why are they reported and how can I avoid this?

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