Why delete KDE3 ports?

John Marino freebsdml at marino.st
Mon Jan 7 15:08:33 UTC 2013

On 1/7/2013 16:04, Mikhail T. wrote:
> On 07.01.2013 09:54, Kimmo Paasiala wrote:
>> Are you willing to step up as the maintainer of the KDE3 ports? Or
>> anyone else reading this? The situation with ports like KDE3 is that
>> they are lots of work to keep up in shape and if no one wants to
>> maintain them they succumb to what is called "bitrot" very quickly
>> when something changes in dependent ports or in the base system.

> When/if that happens, we can renew the conversation. For the time being
> there are no build errors.

I agree with this.  Simple bitrot can be patched pretty quickly even w/o 
a maintainer and if nobody is willing to do that then sure, kill it.

FYI I already maintain a number of ports and I intend to add more Ada 
ports in the future, so I can't pick up KDE3 myself.


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